Little boy films his amazing mum giving birth in the front seat of their car

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Some babies just don’t want to wait and it’s fair to say that tiny Jolee is one of them!

Pregnant mum Rudy Naper was two weeks past her due date when the family tumbled into the car and headed for an antenatal appointment. Rudy was feeling a bit unwell and the experienced mum thought she’d get checked out to make sure all was OK with her baby.

She and her husband Michael hit the road with kids 11-year-old Jaydon, eight-year-old Jai’ahni, and four-year-old Jaida on board.

What Rudy thought were Braxton Hicks contractions soon proved to be something else altogether, as the now mum-of-four began to give birth to her baby in the front seat of the family car.

“We left to go get checked and en route, labour hit,” Rudy told Today.

Michael had given Jadyon his phone to record their trip to the hospital and it provides an amazing glimpse at a very speedy delivery.

Jadyon films his mum for a little while before turning the camera on his dad who tells the incoming baby that he can’t wait to hold her. Jaydon tells the baby to “hurry up” and then the camera pans to his siblings who can not believe what’s happening. They’re shocked and teary. Especially when the baby does hurry up.

Posted by Michael Anthony Addison on Saturday, 25 May 2019

“My baby’s coming out!”

Their mama yells as the baby’s head crowns and gosh we don’t blame her one bit.

“My baby’s coming out!” Rudy screams. “The baby’s coming out!”

The worried kids start crying and wailing too, as things progress very, very quickly.

“Next thing I know, I see the head popping out, and I thought ‘this is really going down,’” Michael recalls.

Go down it did as the pair’s newborn arrived in a rush. In the clip, Michael tells his wife to grab the baby and hold her, which Rudy manages to do despite her obvious shock.

“I was only concerned with the baby coming out safely,” Rudy said. “At the time I didn’t know what to do but I guess my body did.”

Posted by Michael Anthony Addison on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

All the while Michael is somehow driving the car, determined to get his wife to the hospital and ensure both Rudy and the baby are safe. He’s also trying to get everyone to calm down which is no mean feat either.

Jaydon keeps filming as his mum cuddles the newborn who is bleating a little and blinking her eyes.

“Look at my baby!” the amazing Rudy says, elated. “She’s so pretty … We had a baby in the car!”

The couple called their baby girl Jolee, and after mum and bub spent 24 hours in hospital they headed home.

“Everyone is doing great,” Michael told Today. “They love their new sister!”

Congratulations to this gorgeous family on their new little arrival.


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