Jessica Simpson shares funny Instagram post wearing a postpartum corset

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Postpartum corsets are indeed a thing, especially if you are a celebrity recovering from a c-section.

Life with Birdie

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson are parents to two-month-old daughter Birdie, as well as six-year-old daughter Maxwell and five-year-old son Ace Knute.

The couple’s new baby girl weighed in at almost five kilograms when she was delivered via a c-section delivery on 19 March.

The fact that she was a whopper was no surprise, as the mum-of-three endured a challenging pregnancy and frankly looked ready to burst in the final days of her self-described ‘Jesstation’.

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One fan of the family described their newborn as a “chunky, beautiful nugget” and they’re not far wrong!

Now that the family have begun to adjust to having baby Birdie in the house, Jess is concentrating on her recovery.

In fact, she just shared an insight into what’s working for her, posting a photo of herself hitting the pavement and revealing that she’s using a postpartum corset in an endeavour to shift things back to where she wants them.

“Just stretching it out in my rubber corset,” Jess captioned the image. “The joy of postpartum!”

What’s the deal with postpartum corsets?

Some women choose to wear corsets after they give birth because they help support the abdominal muscles.

If mums are bending down and picking up their baby, the corsets can hold the muscles in place and help them avoid back or abdominal pain.

These corsets aren’t really intended to promote weight loss or create a slimmer figure, although some women might choose to use them that way. They’re definitely designed to aid recovery and minimise postpartum pain.

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“Postpartum is a bich”

Fans were quick to provide some support and encouragement – and noted that Jess was doing brilliantly for just a few weeks post-surgery.

“On the plus side, you have ankles again! Postpartum is a bich, but you’re tough. Go get it,” one follower commented.

“My baby is 7 months and I’m still suffering from postpartum,” another mum sympathised. “Hair loss , weight issues, skin is dry like it’s never been omg but we have beautiful babies!”

“Just remember it took you 40 weeks to gain that weight and grow your baby so give yourself twice that to be ‘back to normal; you beautiful just as you are mama!!” someone else wrote.

“Now this is what Elle really meant when she said bend and snap!” another follower quipped.

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It’s a Birdie Mae Sunday ?

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