“I’m really sorry but I’m in labour!” Mum delivers own baby in back of Uber

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A Perth mum has given birth to her baby while being driven to the hospital – in an Uber. 

“I think I freaked him out”

While en-route to Fiona Stanley Hospital, which is 20 minutes away from her home, Emma Williams tried to hide from the driver that she was in labour.

“I didn’t say anything to the guy, I just said can you just switch the air-con up (because) I was in a lot of pain and needed to breathe through it,” she told Nine News.

“Then I just shouted out to him, ‘I’m really sorry but I’m in labour and I’m about to have a baby in your car’ and I think I freaked him out a little bit.”

Maybe just a little, Emma.

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She thought she had time

Now, Emma can’t be blamed for not rushing to the hospital when she felt the first sign of labour.

She was cooling off in the pool (it was 37 degrees!) and well, figured she had more time. 

“I was in the pool, noticed I had a few cramps, it wasn’t contractions but just felt a bit uncomfortable,” Emma says.

Pregnant with her second baby, the seasoned mum didn’t panic. After all, the birth of her son Blake took seven hours so she thought she had well enough time to get to the nearby hospital. 

“I got out of the pool and started timing and basically messaged my husband to say maybe don’t go for beers tonight potentially I might be in labour,” she says.

So naturally, she dialled an Uber, instead of an ambulance. There was no rush!

Except there was

Baby Lexi, born last Friday, decided she was more of a get the party early, than arrive fashionably late kinda baby. She wasn’t even due for another week.

But just two minutes away from Fiona Stanley Hospital, Emma’s waters broke and Lexi’s piercing newborn screams filled the car.  

“The first thing people say is ‘why didn’t you get an ambulance?’ which I say, ‘Well I didn’t expect to have a baby in under an hour,’” she explains.

Uber has kindly offered to foot the cleaning bill and say they are delighted for Lexi’s safe arrival.

Congrats Emma, and also, what a champ for delivering your own baby in the back of an Uber no less!


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