Hilary Duff consulted a psychic AND drank salad dressing shooters before birth

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Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma just welcomed their first child together, a little girl called Banks who was born at the couple’s home late last month.

“She wants to be a Scorpio baby”

Speaking on the Informed Pregnancy podcast, the beloved Lizzy McGuire star has revealed she took some unconventional action in a bid to hurry her baby up. Like consulting a psychic, for instance!

“I finally talked to my psychic,” Hil explained “and she’s like ‘she wants to be a Scorpio baby, so she’s waiting for the moon to shift into Scorpio and she wants to come on the full moon'”

“And she totally did … The night I went into labour it was like the big full harvest moon.”

“I went into labour at 12.30am. It was crazy,” she noted revealing that she’d tried all kinds of strategies to bring this moment on (including labour-inducing massage, nettles, raspberry leaf).

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Salad dressing shooters

If you’ve been following Hilary’s pregnancy, you may know that Hilary also partook in the world famous Induction Salad in the hopes of hurrying her baby up.

“I was eating the salad,” Hilary confirmed noting that it contained “lots of walnuts” and that she is “not a fan” of the nuts.

“The dressing’s very good,” she conceded. “It’s a lot of vinegars and oregano and stuff and I think that if you look online there’s something about oils and vinegars and spices that’s supposed to help [spark labour].”

Not content with simply eating the salad – or perhaps in a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures – Hilary took a disruptive approach to getting the labour-inducing concoction down.

“I ate it a few times and then went and just got the salad dressing to do a shooter,” she admitted.


“Let’s lay back down”

The night her labour stated, Hilary said things were pretty idyllic and they’d spent some time in the garden after her six-year-old son Luca had gone to bed.

“We had a bunch of random flowers bloom, like roses. We cut a big blooming pink rose and put it in water and put it in Banks’ room and went to bed.”

Before she knew it, things started happening.

“Matt and I were in bed, we were watching a show, and then it just started and I was like ‘Oh! Oh, that’s a new feeling. That’s a real feeling’,” she recalls.

“I started pacing a little bit and [Matt] was like ‘I should get up and have a shower’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know! Let’s lay back down!'”

What followed were contractions coming five minutes apart and the realisation that the moment she’d been egging on for weeks was actually, finally here. A little bit of scrambling quickly ensued.

“Matt was getting the birthing tub out of Luca’s room because he was using it as a trampoline for a while!” 

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“You’re going to die”

Hilary also noted that there are things you can say to a labouring woman – and there are things that you most definitely can NOT.

“Any time someone would tell me to relax, I’d want to punch them in the face. One time I told Matt – ‘You have to shut up! You’re going to die if you say that again!’ ”

“He was like ‘sorry sorry okay! That’s not helpful!'”

There are some genius ways to get a birthing woman to relax that don’t ever involve saying “relax” – as Hilary’s midwife knew.

“One of my midwives came in and she was like ‘just melt into the bed when the contractions are coming, just imagine you’re melting into the bed.’ For some reason that really helped me stay really relaxed,” Hilary said. “That was the hardest part, not fighting the contractions.”

She laboured through the night and – despite thinking this second baby would arrive pretty quickly – eventually delivered baby Banks mid-afternoon.

The tiny girl hugged her mum the very first time she was in Hilary’s arms, leaving her super keen to do the whole thing over again. Which is saying something when the feelings and challenges of birth are still so fresh!

You can listen to the full podcast below for all this and many more Hilary birth gems.


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