Taxi driver hilariously coaches mum through backseat birth

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A viral video showing taxi driver Siul Odranoel coaching an in-labour mum through the backseat birth of her child has been viewed millions of times, with social media users declaring him a total natural.

“Oh no! It’s coming!”

The clip was shared by a Facebook user named Le Le who explained that her friend Ollie gave birth on the way to hospital in Siul’s cab. The cab driver filmed the whole thing with his onboard security dash cam.

“So my friend Ollie gave birth to her baby girl in the backseat of a taxi,” Le Le wrote alongside this amazing birth video.

“The taxi driver Siul had me dyinggg laughing the whole time. What a blessing. Congratulations suga.”

Ollie’s well on her way to having a baby when the video begins.

“Oh no … It’s coming. Oh f#ck!” Ollie says at the start of the clip. She’s lying on the back seat of the taxi with her boyfriend by her side.

“Oh my gosh he’s coming out! His head is in my hand!”

The video shows the birthing sac bulging out from between Ollie’s legs as she screams.

From this point on, much of the clip involves Siul urging a moaning Ollie to “spread your legs! spread your legs! spread your legs!” and trying to keep everyone relaxed and calm.

“You gotta breathe mummy,” he says as he continues driving, glancing into the back seat every second or two.

So my friend Ollie gave birth to her baby girl in the backseat of a TaxiThe Taxi Driver Siul had me dyinggg laughing the whole time 🤣🤣What a blessing 😍 congratulations suga 😘Y’all look at the video 💕Steve HarveyEllen DeGeneres

Posted by Le Le on Monday, 22 July 2019

“BOOM! We’re Gucci!”

Next minute – literally – Ollie’s baby arrives.

“You got your kid, that’s it. That is it,” an impressed Siul says as the baby gushes out onto the back seat.

“We’re driving, everything’s good, you just sit in that seat, bless the baby,” he reassures in a sing-song voice.

“Clean the face, clean the face … BOOM! We’re Gucci!” Siul instructs.

Other highlights include him lamenting the state of his car, sharing some details on keeping the baby warm – “close the window!” – and advising Ollie to clean the baby up.

“Call the hospital, whatever doctor you have … Just hold the baby, clean it up, go to the hospital, check it in and DAMN! Natural birth in the car!”

“Hook me up!”

Cleaning is clearly on his mind, which is not surprising, and he giggles noting: 

“You better hook me up with a little extra for the car wash!”

“We got you!” Ollie says.

When he realises he’s caught the whole thing on video he jokes about that too.

“Yall want yall video?” he asks Ollie.

“I WANT IT,” comes Ollie’s reply.

“Shit ya gotta pay me for that shit! Stop playing,” he laughs.

“Spread your legs!”

People on Facebook could not get enough of this amazing clip.

“I was in teeeaaarrrssss when I heard GOD BLESS THE BABY AND MAMI SPREAD YOUR LEGS,” one follower commented.

” ‘God bless the baby…we are goochy!!!’ Omg!! Hilarious!” another wrote.

“We love you! Be a doula,” someone else insisted.

“Very controlled, you need to be paramedic!!” one commenter suggested.

“Dude you’re hilarious !! Wish I had u in the birthing room when I had my kids!” another follower wrote.

Brilliant effort Ollie! And honestly excellent performance, Siul!


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