Ape’s surprise pregnancy is NOT her fault, so please zip it everyone

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Any woman who has ever found herself up the duff after thinking she was on contraception, will understand this ape mum’s feels. Eloise, already a mum of six, is now cradling another newborn, after her birth control failed. 

But please everyone, don’t judge her. These things happen!

Mum of seven

The 37-year-old primate recently welcomed her new cute bubba, and although she’s probably in love all over again (that fuzzy newborn hair!), we wouldn’t be surprised if she is also feeling a tad resentful during those middle of the night feeds. 

I mean, after all, Eloise was on contraception, or so her zookeepers thought.

In a post announcing the new addition to Eloise’s family, the San Diego zoo shared on Twitter a rather unflattering photo of the exhausted mum with her tiny bubba. Her ‘mum face’ says it all really. 

Commentators were quick to judge

While no one is exactly sure how Eloise got pregnant again while being on birth control, this hasn’t stopped commentators from blaming poor Eloise!

“Can we talk about her birth control? Does she have an IUD? Clearly, the rhythm method didn’t work,” said one.

No, no it didn’t. 

In a statement, San Diego Zoo manager, Jill Andrews said: 

“We’re not certain why birth control didn’t work in this case, but as with humans, it is not uncommon for contraceptive failure to happen from time to time. Still, we are overjoyed—because any birth of an endangered species is a reason to celebrate.”

Err, an endangered species?

When finding out that Eloise and her adorable new offspring are siamang apes, which are an endangered species of gibbon found in the tropical forests of Malaysia and Indonesia, commentators were confused as to why Eloise was even on birth control in the first place.

Again, the zoo had to explain.

Apparently, all siamangs at San Diego take part in the ‘Species Survival Plan (SSP)’ designed to ensure their survival with a network of other zoos.

Eloise and her baby daddy, an ape named Ulke, took part in this program, although their last baby was born 12 years ago. Talk about an age gap!

“Because their genes are already well represented in the zoo siamang population, the pair’s breeding had been restricted for a number of years by chemical contraception,” the San Diego Zoo wrote on their blog.

“For that reason, the arrival of their newest youngster this week was a welcome surprise for animal care staff.”

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“I feel ya, Eloise”

The story of Eloise’s surprise baby has been shared far and wide on the interwebs. Many mums have virtually fist bumped the ape in solidarity revealing that they too had an unexpected pregnancy when on birth control. In fact, one in five Australian women experience it.

An unexpected addition to the San Diego Zoo!

Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Wednesday, 21 November 2018

“OMG, the APE and me as samesies” said one commentator on the above share.

“Her and me both #12weeks” said another.

Even though this seventh baby was not planned, we are sure Eloise is overjoyed, now that the shock of her surprise pregnancy has worn off.  


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