Pink’s hubby Carey Hart took their kids to a bar and Instagram has opinions

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Pink and Carey Hart are parents to two adorable children – nearly two-year-old Jameson and seven-year-old Willow – and as Pink fulfilled some work obligations, Carey found himself in a relatable position …


Not only was he completely knackered (as parents are wont to be) but he and the kids were hungry. His solution was to forgo cooking dinner and head to a nearby bar to combine mealtime and a bit of grown-up downtime.

“Dinner w/ these two knuckle heads while mama works. #IWasToTiredToCook#BarFoodForTheWin,” Carey captioned the image of his kids happily perched on bar stools eating snacks.

Because it’s the internet, people were quick to rush in and share their thoughts on the Hart family’s dinner-at-a-boozy venue sitch. And guess what? They absolutely LOVED this! We were as shocked as you are!

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Dinner w/ these two knuckle heads while mama works. #IWasToTiredToCook #BarFoodForTheWin

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Whatever works, dude!

Perhaps this gave them permission to combine a bolstering drink (within recommended guidelines) with feeding their own children? Perhaps it mirrored their own lives? Perhaps they reserved negative judgement because they’re more the mummy shamer kind than the daddy shamer? It’s hard to know. What we do know is that everyone thought dinner at a bar with the kids was a stroke of genius and fully supported it.

“Love the normalcy of this not so normal family. The BEST,” one follower posted.

“As the parent who sometimes let their kids go to bed fully clothed for the next day cuz they had to get up really early to be dropped off at grandma’s before school … I’m happy to see parenting things have evolved! Besides who doesn’t love bar food???” another parent wrote.

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Memories and fancy drinks

Some followers shared similar memories of snacks and drinks with their own parents.

“Bar food would’ve been an upgrade,” someone else commented. “My mom took us to the yoghurt shop for dinner when she didn’t want to cook.”

“I remember going with my dad to a place called Shoes (hole in the wall bar),” another reminisced. “We ordered Shirley Temples played darts (4 yr old style) and eat pretzels. I loved it. Never underestimate the memories you make by just being present.”

In fact, the only negative commentary we could find was someone picking Carey up on his grammar, and she got shot down for her public “to” and “too” correction pretty quickly.

So it turns out if you’re exhausted and you take the kids to a bar for dinner and a recalibrating tipple, the internet is NOT going to tell you that you’re a terrible parent!

Thanks for enlightening us Carey! WHO. EVEN. KNEW?!


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