KFC dishes out a stack of cash to a baby with a Colonel Sanders inspired name

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A couple of months ago we told you about a crazy baby name competition that food outlet KFC was running and guess what? We now have a winner! Yep, a couple actually went ahead and named their DAUGHTER after that bucket holding, goatee wearing, fried chicken guy. For reals.

Colonel comp recap

Okay, so back in August this year KFC US announced a – let’s face it – pretty out-there competition offering a big chunk of cash to the first family to name their child “Harland” after the fried chicken giant’s founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. Not only that, an extra condition was that in order to receive the $11,000 sum (yes, a deliberate amount to represent the 11 secret herbs and spices used in their famous recipe), the baby had to be born on September 9 – the same birth date as the Colonel – in honour of what would have been his 128th birthday. Wowsers!

Hello Harland!

And now it looks like one lucky family are $11,000 richer with KFC US posting a birth announcement pic of the adorable baby winner, a little girl named Harland Rose.

“I’m pleased as pumpkin punch to announce the winner of our Baby Harland Naming Contest and the Harland who will be ushering in an all-new generation of Harlands, little Harland Rose,” was KFC’s caption, alongside a specially branded birth announcement card of baby Harland – who weighed eight pounds one ounce, and measured 21 inches. 

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Mixed-box of feelings

The tweet, which went up yesterday, has already had quite a few mixed reactions. Some finger-lickin’ chicken lovers apparently don’t see anything wrong with the name itself OR the parents’ crafty decision to cash in – also taking the time to note how GORGEOUS the bub herself actually is. 

Adorable!! Welcome to the World Harland Rose.  What a beautiful and unique name.”

“Beautiful baby. And, what an important person to be named after. I would be very proud to have that awesome, unique name.”

“I love the name Harland! Such a beautiful baby.”

Other, however, were less impressed …

“Poor kid.”

“Pffft! She was named after a fried chicken joint!”

“Lol, so the parents will have to explain to them how they named her in the future… ‘Well honey, we were offered a lump sum of cash to name you after the CEO of a fast food chain …'”



To trend once more?

Apparently one of the reasons why KFC decided to hold this bizarre competition was to bring back the old-fashioned name Harland which is rarely used today. In isolation, we think it’s a great name, and love that many traditional names are having a comeback. However, in the context of a fast food chain? Hmmm, we’re not too sure.

We suppose at least little Harland Rose has a great college fund set up for her now. Although we would have asked for a lifetime supply of chicken as well!

Yours in chicken … LOL

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