The top baby names that parents regret giving their kids

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Think you’re alone when it comes to regretting the name you’ve selected for your baby? You most are certainly not! Turns out, baby name remorse is a thing and one that an astonishing one in five mums admit to having!

We’ve uncovered the most frequently regretted names for new mums (and surprisingly, they’re all names from the most popular lists!).

It’s one of the biggest decisions to make when it comes to your little one – what to name him or her. And, according to a Mumsnet survey reported in The Guardian, one in five mothers say they got it wrong.

So what are the names most regretted? And why?

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The most regretted names are Charlotte, Amelia, Anne, Daniel, Jacob, James and Thomas, which are all quite high up on the popular baby name charts. One quarter of mums who are not happy with their baby name choice say it’s because the name is too common.

Of course there have been several other mums who step outside the baby name charts and still regret the decision, such as one mum who named her daughter Isis (before it became associated with a terrorist group). Another mother chose Elsa for her daughter before Frozen fever struck and another mum admits that her child hates his name and she feels guilty for choosing it.

Other reasons for baby name regret? The name did not suit their child, it was not distinctive enough and it was too tricky to spell or pronounce, the survey concludes. We’re looking at you Xzavier and Zoie.

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Interestingly, one in five mums with baby name remorse say they felt pressured into using the name. Twelve per cent knew it was the wrong choice right away and one-third more within the first six weeks. Another 23 per cent began to regret their choice when their children started nursery or school.

For all the regret, only six per cent of the mothers change their child’s name, even though one in three consider it.

As a mum with a Jacob, I must admit I have never wanted to change his name even though it’s common. It’s also perfectly suited to him. Tell us, Babyologists – have you experienced baby name remorse? And would you consider a baby name swap?


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