8 reasons all dads should get on the babywearing train

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At first glance it might seem like all the baby gear in the world is pitched at mothers! But more and more, fathers are discovering the joys of babywearing as we see dads at parks, cafes, beaches, markets and pretty much everywhere else toting their teeny tots around in a carrier.

If your man hasn’t discovered why babywearing is the greatest parenting tool ever, make sure you pass this one on to him.

In today’s techno-driven, latte-sipping, adventure-loving society, more and more families are discovering that life is more fun when you find ways to stay close and connected. Here’s why babywearing is something all dads need to take up.

1. It helps bub feel secure and form an attachment with Dad

Babywearing promotes closeness and while most babies will have a pretty strong bond with Mum from day one (and especially the smell of her milk), dads don’t have the biological advantage here. They’ll have to work at it a bit.

Wearing bub close releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin, which will make Dad feel even gushier about his new addition.

2. It helps Dad learn bub’s cues

Babywearing is an easy way for Dad and bub to get to know each other. While baby gets to know Dad’s voice, the rhythm of his walk, his smell and his heartbeat, Dad is able to learn baby’s cues, like hunger, tiredness and sleepiness.

Father holding baby in carrier

3. It gives Mum a break

Earn some major brownie points by giving Mum a well-deserved break! Babywearing enables Dad to take his turn as the comfort provider while Mum sneaks off for a much-needed nap.

4. You can stay off the beaten track

Becoming a dad doesn’t mean you have to give up on the things you loved pre-kids. It simply means you get to bring them along for the ride. With babywearing, you can still enjoy morning hikes, afternoon movies, creek and river fishing, beach adventures, outdoor activities, even yard work with bub in tow.

5. You get to experience the world through your child’s eyes

Taking your child on your daily adventures provides him with the best way to discover the amazing world around him. Plus, you never realise just how interesting the little things, from the colour green in the leaves to the funny-shaped signs on the street, are until you have a child pointing them out for you.

6. And the newborn sweetness

Nothing beats those newborn snuggles, that sweet baby smell and the dreamy sounds of a sleeping baby. A carrier allows you to experience all of these newborn moments (and more) while keeping your hands free.

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 7. It can make you feel like the world’s best dad

If you can juggle a baby, make dinner, do the dishes and bring in the rubbish bin, all the while holding your baby in a carrier, well, you’ve just hit Super Dad status. Own it.

8. Finally, because dads who carry babies are sexy

Take a dad, add a baby in a carrier and you’ve got instant Hot Dad status. It’s a known fact.

Prepare for the next adventure in life and get on the babywearing train. It’s a wild ride, but it’s certainly the best adventure you’ll ever have.


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