This Melbourne mum reveals why she named her daughter Isis… and the trolls come out

Keyboard warriors have abused a Melbourne mum of three after a plea on behalf of her daughter Isis to reclaim the name that has been adopted by the terrorist group.

But instead of being offered support, Kim was on the receiving end of hurtful but “ignorant” comments within minutes of the post going live on her Facebook page – some telling her to change her daughter’s name.

The post, accompanied by pictures of her daughter, read: “Let’s spread pictures of beautiful Isis and ask people to please call those bad guys ‘Daesh’. C’mon now! Don’t just like, share!!”

ogirl named isis

Kim says she thought it would be a good idea to try to reclaim the name from terrorist group ISIS, which is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

“We don’t want this beautiful name associated with death and terror,” Kim tells Leader Newspapers.

“I wanted to give the topic a face (but) I copped so much abuse it was unbelievable.”

Kim says her daughter, who was born in 2012, was named Isis after an Egyptian goddess. The ISIS terrorist group was not yet known to the public.

“The reason we named her that was both her brother and grandfather are both interested in Egyptian mythology and we loved to name her after a goddess,” Kim tells Leader.

“The group Isis as we know it now wasn’t known as that in 2012.”

Daesh is an acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and used by governments to condemn the group’s actions.

Kim says her post was reported to Facebook and deleted from community noticeboards.

“Almost immediately I got lots of vitriol,” she says.

“On my personal Facebook page I got lots of lovely support but it’s when you step out of the bubble and you go and interact on a community noticeboard then you open yourself up to a complete other experience. Those public spaces can be badlands.”

A Sydney mother tried to urged the media to stop using the name ISIS last year, saying it had affected her family and her daughter Isis, 8. Friends of the family had abandoned them because they were afraid of the name’s connection.

There are 58,000 supporters of an online petition to try to lobby the media to stop using the name ISIS when referring to the terrorists.

“Please sign and help the thousands of women and little girls named Isis who are suffering from this backlash caused by the media. Help us take back our name,” the petition says.

(via Leader Newspapers)

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