Zinc Flyte – the scooter suitcase hybrid that makes travel fun

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Who doesn’t love something that can do more than one thing. In this case, it is a scooter that doubles as a suitcase and a suitcase that doubles as a scooter. Call it the Swiss army knife of travel. Or the hybrid scootercase. Confused? So am I. But the Zinc Flyte scooter case could be your answer to easing travel chaos and making that holiday (or trip to the supermarket) that little bit easier.

The Zinc Flyte can also adapt to be what you want it to be. Need a wheeled case? Simply pull out the scooter handles and head for the checkout desk. Want to scoot? Then fold out the deck and away you go. Time to pick up the pace? Then grab the carry handle and go.

Check out the Zinc Flyte in action, pretty nifty:

The case itself is flexible but sturdy (impact resistant) – so able to take a fair bit of rough and tumble, and comes in a range of cool designs. The generous 25 litre capacity of the case is cabin-sized, so can be easily stowed in an overhead compartment and comes with inner pockets and secure straps to keep all the precious cargo inside safe.


The midi Flyte is for kids aged 4 to 8 (a smaller mini and larger maxi are due for release in 2016) and retails for £69.99. And with the scooter rated for anyone up to 50kg, there might just be a few bigger kids giving this handy hybrid a try.


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