Toymail Talkies: a voice messaging toy to help littlies stay connected

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Small children have been unable to freely get in touch with absent family members and play date buddies … until now!

Connect your kids?

In a development that will strike delight into the heart of some people, and horror into the hearts of others, preschoolers (and older kids/anyone who loves cuddly toys) can now call their parents or pals with the press of a squishy button on a soft toy!

Talkies are a revolutionary smart toy designed to help kids stay connected to their loved ones. It’s linked to an app on a parents’ phone, and allows a child to chat to you OR record and send a message – Toymail – as long as they’re on an approved contact list inputted by the child’s parent/guardian.

“The easy way to connect to kids you love. Your phone to their toy,” its makers say – and they’ve made a helpful clip so that grown-ups can understand how it works. (Once their heads stop spinning in wonder and fright!)

Talkies come in a bunch of cute animal designs, ship internationally and retail for $59 US. You can even buy an extra “skin” for the toy, so you can update the character whenever you like!

The parent-configured app runs the whole show, and while messaging is and always will be free, it has some other premium features to make your Talkie even more fancy and fun.

talkie toyTalkie toyTalkie toy

At this point, your brain is probably slowly making sense of this brave new toy world, and you might have some questions. 

Are they safe and secure? What about creepy hackers?!

The toy’s makers say that these toys are more secure than your average baby monitor and that all messages are filtered through their system, proving an extra level of security.

“All of your messages are routed through our secure server. Walkie Talkies, baby monitors and devices like that work in real time and can be infiltrated. Since our messages go through a server they are much more secure!”

Isn’t this just like giving your small child a phone? Which is bad!

Not really! It’s built for kids and designed to connnect them to their close friends and family only – rather than a whole network of strangers or zillions of apps (like a phone!)

Why do we need even need this?!

I mean, maybe we don’t, but technology is pushing on and we are finding new ways to stay connected and enhance our relationships/lives.

This smart toy could be perfect for kids who have a parent that works away from home, kids who are in hospital or kids who want to connect to buddies when they move to a new city, for instance.

And that’s just for starters!

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