This Amazon top-selling baby bath toy costs well under $10 (and it’s CUTE!)

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It’s hoopla, but not as you know it! This cute tub toy has received over 2500 glowing reviews on Amazon – and it’s not hard to see why.

Leggy tub time

The Octopus Hoopla Floating Bath Toy is by Nuby and not only does it look super cute, but it also provides a very stimulating octopus experience for babies and toddlers. (Which is what we most want for them, right?! )

This toy is BPA free and bobs about the bath inviting your child to toss the accompanying fishy, life-preserver and starfish over its lovely legs. Well … lovely tentacles.

Not only is it brightly coloured and lots of fun, it nurtures hand-eye coordination and could prove to be a brilliant incentive for kids who are not keen to get in the bath. It could also spark some fun chatter about sea creatures, water safety and future beachy holidays!

Nuby octopus floating bath toy

“Best toy for the bath!”

Parents who bought this toy had lots of good things to say about it – and they especially liked that there was no way for water to flow into the toy and get trapped.

“We really liked that there were no openings on the octopus, so that no water could get in and potentially cause moulding. One of our daughter’s favourite toys, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it for a long time to come.”

“Baby loves it!!!! The best! He plays with it since he’s 2 months old. Since he’s 5 or 6 months old he puts the rings in the octopus arms. He loves to bite it and hold it. Best toy for the bath! Absolutely recommended!!!”

“I bought the Nuby Octopus bath toy for my 18-month-old grandson and he just loves playing with this set in the bathtub. The octopus is a lot bigger than in the pic and is solid but light. There are no holes either so there is no sitting water inside the toy. The octopus does float and the rings are excellent for hand and eye coordination. I highly recommend this toy for any toddler that enjoys bath time.”

The Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Toy sells for $6.85 on Amazon – and does ship to Australia!

Nuby octopus floating bath toy

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