These handmade dolls are the perfect friend for your little one

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When we spotted these lovely dolls on Instagram, we knew you’d love them too. They’re created by Merrilee Liddiard who says doll-making is in her genes.

The sweetest handmade dolls

“She grew up watching her mother cast porcelain, stitch together cloth bodices and paint miniature eyes and cheeks onto handmade doll faces,” her website reveals.

“Merrilee has consequentially had a passion for dolls and doll making ever since.”

She’s not only a genius at doll-making. Merrilee crafts brilliant costumes and transforms simple household supplies into magical things.

She’s also authored a book – Playful: Fun Projects to Make With and For Kidsand writes regularly on her blog – – as well as posting regularly to Instagram.

Basically, everything surrounding her is chock-full of inspiration and shows her amazing creativity and crafty skills.

Travel Girls for little ones

We love all of Merrilee’s work, but especially her beautiful and imaginative ‘Travel Girls’ dolls …

There’s Anouk from Amsterdam …

“She is a city girl who loves cycling, flower shopping and sketching. And of course the occasional stroopwafel- but made fresh in the De Pijp Albert Cuyp market. She also loves writing to her penpals Colette of Paris and Kaitlyn of NYC. Anouk is kind, adventurous and calming, making her the perfect friend to bring along with you on any of your travels. She great for a night time story as well.”

And Kaylynn from New York City …

“Kaylynn immigrated with her family to NYC when she was just a babe. She loves hearing her parents perform in the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center and hopes to one day play her cello at Carnegie Hall. Kaylynn loves scouring for vintage books and unique scores at the Strand Bookstore and is always up for a good NYC bagel or pretzel.”

And of course the gorgeous Colette from Paris …

“Colette is from Paris and loves travel around her beautiful city capturing the magic of what she sees every day in her sketchbook. She loves to climb the steps of Sacré-Cœur Basilica to look at the most beautiful view of her city. There she often pulls out her sketchbook to draw and paint her cityscape, filling in a few spots with what she dreams. Her travel tip: use the coin-op binoculars to get a great zoom in view.”

But really they are all beautiful and crafted with obvious passion and care.

These beauties are sure to spark hours of imaginative play and become life-long friends to the children lucky enough to snaffle one.

See all the dolls Merrilee makes here.


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