A brand new pizza-themed version of Monopoly has arrived and sign us up

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A pizza-themed edition of Monopoly is about to hit the shops and it looks like a whole slice of cheesy fun!

Pizza Monopoly

Another little pizza my heart

The set comes in a cardboard pizza box and while it’s based on the familiar family fave, this version features some very special modifications.

The tokens, for instance, are not the usual dog, car etc that you might be used to. Instead, they’ve thrown in a teeny cheese grater, pizza chef, cheese shaker, delivery bike, pizza slicer, and pizza on a paddle.

While the standard set sees players buying property, this updated edition encourages collecting pizza toppings and pizza slices.

Pizza MonopolyPizza MonopolyPizza Monopoly

You wanna pizza me?

Players need to collect all the toppings in a coloured set to create pizza combinations. One set makes a veggie lover’s pizza, another a BBQ pizza and so it goes.

If you land on someone else’s pizza slice, you have to pay them colourful pizza-themed Monopoly dollars bills to ‘try’ their pizza – and collect a pizza token each. There are also the usual Chance and Community Chest cards, although they have a pizza flavour.

“With chance and community chest cards, players can become pizza connoisseurs, or try something fun such as entering a pizza-making contest,” an Amazon listing for the game says.

The player who manages to acquire the most pizza slices – and the most money – wins the game.

This pizza-lovers version of Monopoly is now preordering at Walmart and at Amazon for around US$20. No word yet on when we’ll be getting it here, but we’ll keep you posted!

    Pizza Monopoly

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