Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie toy roars, snores and moves with your kids

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Move over adorable Porgs because there’s a new must-have Star Wars toy that’s heading our way. The cuddly 16-inch Chewbacca is super soft, responds to touch and sound, roars and … snores! Forget the kids — we’re claiming this toy for ourselves!

Furry and for real

Hold on to your Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s BFF can soon be yours. Mashable just got a first look at Hasbro’s Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie toy and confirmed it’s on its way to a galaxy near you. Created by FurReal Friends, it’s 16-inches tall, furry, really cute and is so high-tech it’s been in development for about a year and a half.

Better than a pet

If your kids are hounding you for a furry pet then this new toy is bound to keep them at bay for another year or so. If you talk to little Chewie, press a button on his tummy under his fur, rub his head, pat his fur, swing him in the air, or shake him up and down, he will respond by roaring at you and raising his arms up and down. Whaaaat?! Where was this amazing toy when we were kids?!

The ultimate fur-baby

There are 100 different sound and movement reaction combinations, so your kids will never get tired of playing with their furry sidekick. The best Chewie reaction (in our opinion) is when you rock him in your arms like a baby he falls asleep and starts to snore. Chewie also comes with his own miniature sized satchel to carry all his treasures, just like in the movies. So there’s also THAT. 

Quick, where can I get one?

Unfortunately, the Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie toy won’t be available in Australia in time for the new Solo movie which is out in May (see trailer below). Wookie fans will have to wait until September this year to get their mitts on this loveable furball. Chewie will be priced at US$129.99 ($164) — but who really cares what it costs because we know we’ll be getting one!

May the snore be with you.



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