The one where your fave ’90s show gets its very own amazing themed Lego

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In the most sit-up-and-take-notice music to our ears since Phoebe Buffay sang Smelly Cat, Lego is teaming up with ’90s TV show Friends and are set to release a Friends X Lego collection!

The one where everyone goes nuts

Little is known about how many sets or when they’re due to hit stores, but that’s not putting a damper on our – and Lego/Friends fans’ – excitement.

In a cute teaser posted to social media, Lego figures of Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe can be seen sitting on the world-famous Friends sofa in front of the fountain beside a Lego lamp.

Then Monica reaches her wee Lego arm out and turns off the lamp … and the Friends and Lego logos fill the screen. Gold!

“The one with the LEGO bricks,” Lego captioned the clip. “Coming soon.”

To say fans of both Lego and Friends were excited would be an understatement.

“Have I died? Is this heaven?” one wrote.

“We don’t believe you have died,” Lego wrote back. “But this pretty much might be heaven for some.”

The one where everyone has ideas

Other fans had lots of ideas on what this Friends meets Lego collaboration should include.


“You guys should pick an episode and make a Lego version. Just use the original episode for the voice-overs,” another suggested.

“I’m buying this as a present for my mum and sisters,” a sneaky fan wrote. “They have no idea how to build Lego but that means more fun for me!”

“I’m so excited!” one newbie Lego fan trilled. “I’ve never had my own Lego set before but I’m for sure getting this set! I don’t care how much! No one can stop me!”

The one where some people are sad

But others were unhappy about this Friends and Lego news. They wanted a Golden Girls or Firefly or The Office or Scrubs or Seinfeld collaboration, instead.

Honestly, I see where they’re coming from because I’ve been waiting for a Gilmore Girls set for what seems like a century.

Lego says they will be releasing more details on the Friends X Lego range very soon, so keep an eye on their Twitter account if you want to opt into this cute team-up.


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