Zombie? Bestie? Over it? Which Netflix mum are you today?!

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There are all different kinds of mums out there and some days we feel more like one than another. Not sure which type you are right now? Here are nine different mamas from popular Netflix shows to help you work it out. Have fun!

Chilled out mum

Not phased by motherhood and don’t like following all the rules? Take poo explosions and toddler tanties in your stride? Then you’re probably Nancy from Weeds who sells marijuana to support herself and her boys after her husband dies and even creates her own brand of weed called MILF.

Zombie mum

If you haven’t slept properly in months thanks to your little people then you’re probably a bit like the walking dead – a la Shelia from Santa Clarita Diet, who munches on bad guy smoothies while still living in suburbia with her family – even though she’s no longer alive. 


Hard working mum

If you’re the breadwinner in your family, working long hours and often away from your loved ones, then get on your throne Your Royal Highness. You’re Queen Elizabeth II from The Crown.


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Prison mum

Ever have those days when you feel like you haven’t left the house for about six months, only feeling fresh air when you accept online deliveries or hang out the washing? If home feels like a prison lock-down then you’re probably channelling Daya from Orange Is The New Black who fell pregnant AND had her baby while in jail. 

Gangster mum

Are you running the show at your house? Do you look after all the finances and keep all your family in check? Sounds like Polly, the head honcho madam treasurer aunt from Peaky Blinders who oversees the shady doings of her Yorkshire gangster family.


Freaked out mum

Is your child acting strangely and you’re not sure what’s going on with them? Do you live in constant fear about something bad happening to them you can’t control? Yep, seems like you’ve got a lot in common with Joyce from Stranger Things.

Bestie mum

Think of your little angel as your best mate? Maybe you’re taking a leaf out of Lorelai from Gilmore Girls: A year in the life who just loves hanging with her daughter Rory and being her BFF.


Betty Crocker mum

Always have immaculate hair and make-up, wear a fancy dress, love a cocktail and have a pristine house – even when you’re just cooking dinner at home? You’re out of another era like Betty Draper from Mad Men (the series about advertising agencies in the sixties).

Over it mum

If you’re completely outraged over the whole physical nightmare of pregnancy, lack of help out there for new mums and love a good marriage truth bomb, then no doubt about it, you’re the hilarious pregnant stand-up comedian Ali Wong from Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife. Check her out in the trailer below!

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