Why Bec Judd tells her children not to play with some kids at school

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The busy broadcaster and author says working mum life balances on a knife-edge at the couple’s place, and it doesn’t take much of a twist before things to go very, very wrong.

“If someone gets sick, we all go down”

Bec and her ex AFL-player husband Chris Judd have four kids together – six-year-old Oscar, four-year-old Billie, and twins Tom and Darcy who turn two September.  

“It’s like a house of cards around here,” Bec told Who magazine. “If someone gets sick, we all go down. It fills me with such anxiety.”

In a valiant effort to ward off the germs, Bec’s become a sort of roving bug spotter, pointing out poorly kids in the playground and telling her kids to steer well clear.

“When the kids go to school, and I see kids with green, snotty noses and coughs, I will actually say to Oscar and Billie. ‘Don’t play with that person today – they are really sick.'”

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Frequent emergency department flyers

That said, best efforts are often waylaid when those pesky germs find a way home.

“Every winter, they bring stuff home and it goes through the house,” Bec told Who. And by stuff, she means some very serious illnesses, explaining the worry and exhaustion means everyone is distressed.

“I’ve been in the emergency department with Darcy three times already this year,” Bec revealed. “Twice from two different viruses in two weeks and just as he was getting better Billie brings croup home from school. I think I did cry. I was so stressed.”

“What’s that up there?”

Of course, despite the stress, Bec’s kids are the light of her life, but she admits when she realised she was having twins, she sort of crapped herself a little bit.

After her first scan, Bec thought she was expecting one baby but her chronic morning sickness aroused suspicions and three weeks later at her second scan things got very real.

“I said, ‘What’s that up there?’ And the OB zoomed in and it was another baby. Even re-hashing that memory now makes me feel … yeah,” Bec told Who.

That said she’s taken to what must be a chaotic life as a mum-of-four so well that she’s published a book about how to mum. The Baby Bible was released earlier this year and it’s full of real mum advice, as well as helpful tips from experts.

Bec says there are “definitely no more babies!” on the cards. “I just don’t want to split my attention any more … I wouldn’t change a thing. But I am in shock every day that I am a mother of four!”

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