People are hilariously in love with this giant giraffe soft toy

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There is a giant giraffe soft toy for sale on Amazon and it’s fair to say that it’s done the near impossible, appealing to a bunch of varied demographics all keen to part with their hard-earned dollars to secure a long-necked friend for their home/favourite person.

Giant Giraffe Toy

It’s a giraffe and it’s giant

The toy in question is called the ‘Melissa and Doug Giant Giraffe – Lifelike Stuffed Animal’ and is ‘over 4 feet tall’ its seller says. We’re not even kidding about how much people like this fellow. This giraffe has over 1500 five star reviews – and we have to admit he is pretty adorable. We are not at all surprised that people fancy getting their hands on one.

‘But what kind of people are loving the heck out of Giant Giraffe?’ you might be wondering. All kinds of people, dear reader. Let us tell you about them …

People who like tacos …

Giant giraffe

“This giraffe is great,” an excited five-star reviewer posted on Amazon. “She cooked tacos for us last night. She’s way more than we bargained for!”

People who drive cars …

“I’ve been looking a new mechanic and I couldn’t be happier!” another fan wrote in their (five star) review, adding “Fixed my Flux Capacitor!” (below)

Giant giraffe

People looking for babysitters …

Giant giraffe

“We love Geraldine,” someone else wrote as they recommended this giraffe (above). “She watches the kids. She gives them rides on her back. They often play dress up. We often find her monkeying around with the other residents in our house. Unfortunately, she does have a wee bit of a drinking problem so occasionally we find her ‘asleep’, half dressed, in the middle of the floor. See above picture.”

People who like naps …

Another person just posted this photo: (below)

Giant giraffe

Competitive people …

“I bought the big dude for my niece’s first birthday,” one gent wrote in his glowing review. “The idea is that she’ll grow with it and it’ll give me additional favourite uncle points as time goes on. I’m thinking of it as an investment. She’ll only appreciate it more as time goes on … I won’t have to try as hard to be the favourite uncle.” 

Giant giraffe

Drunk people …

“I was drunk a couple weeks ago and impulse-bought this thing since I’ve been wanting one for FOREVER!” a dad posted in his five-star recommendation. “Our son loves it!! He smiles at it whenever he looks at it. We named him Jeriff or “Riff Raff”. It’s the perfect thing for his nursery. My son’s dad thought it might the thing might be creepy in which case we would take it outside and sacrifice it to the gods, but it’s cute!! I’m sure he will be with us for years. Thank you!”  (Proof above)

Giant Giraffe guy is US$78 and you can read all the reviews/buy one here

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