Oh, ALDI has a ride-on toy car and tractor, but where would my kids drive one?

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I’m an Aldi fan. But the money that I save on buying their imitation brand products, like Protane instead of Pantene shampoo, I end up splurging on their special buys.

When I peruse the dangerous middle aisle of things I never knew I needed, I often break the weekly shopping budget, and come home with stuff like a picnic BBQ. But I won’t be doing that this Saturday, despite them having two toys that are the stuff of dreams for my sons.

A ride-on tractor or Porsche!

This Saturday, you can join the queue when your local Aldi store opens and buy your kiddo a drivable ride-on electric Porsche or tractor (with a working digger scoop. Oh. My. Gawd). 

ALDI ride-on tractor and car

The opulent kid-mobiles will set you back $199, but I have to admit, they do look really, really fun.

Both the licensed Porsche and official Caterpillar tractor can drive up to 4km/h in forwards or reverse. Heck, the car even has working headlights! My boys would LOVE them. In fact, they are probably all of their brrrm, brrrm dreams comes true – which is exactly why I’ve been hiding my Aldi brochure from them this week.

Because where would they ride them?

Apart from the obvious toy clutter (imagine getting rid of it when they outgrew it? Would the Salvos even want it when it takes up so much room in their store, for instance?), these toy vehicles are also a bit OTT.

ALDI tractor

For starters, you would need to have a backyard racing track to ride them, unless you fancy hurling one into your over-sized car boot to transport it to the local bike track. Apparently, the tractor can be driven on grass, but most of us don’t have a yard that big. 

Secondly, I feel a bit weird about my kid looking like a Kardashian, in the Porsche especially. It’s cute but also kinda off-putting. I mean, he’s a kid who rides a bike with training wheels!   

ALDI ride-on Porsche

Thirdly, where would you park it? Unless you have a three car garage or under-house storage, it will be in the way.

And lastly, could you imagine the toy envy among the other kids if you did take it to the local park? That would be an epic lesson in sharing.

But maybe I am being the fun police here …

So on that note, here are some other toys Aldi has in their special buys this Saturday that I would totally line up for:

A $129 trampoline

It’s small at 6ft, but also low to the ground and probably the right size for many of us with small backyards.

ALDI Trampoline

 A $49.95 scooter

Lightweight and foldable, this is definitely a zooming toy we’d take to the bike track.

 ALDI scooter

A $24.95 pop up activity tent

I love this because it can be packed away and pulled out when the kids want to play with it. And you can change the configuration of the tents to be connected together or used separately.


Oh and in case anyone is wondering, this isn’t an ad for Aldi, as I said earlier, I just love their Special Buys. But I won’t be sucked into buying these ride-on electric toy vehicles – as much as my boys would love it – this weekend.

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