Breaking news! Mum folds and puts away ALL the laundry

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Someone call the networks. This is a big story.

Yesterday I folded and put away all the clean washing. I know, AH-MAZING!

What’s more, I cooked dinner at 3pm, so there wasn’t a mad rush at 5.30pm when my boys started getting their hunger whines on. I also responded to work emails and I even made playdough from scratch. I had a great mum day too, bonding with my little loves. It was bliss!

Yesterday, I think it’s fair to say, I was winning at life. 

But today, well, today is like most days and is a slap-in-the-face reminder that those #winningatlife days are like my toddler doing a poo in the loo: few and far between. 

So here’s what today looks like. 

Last night it rained

I did two loads of washing yesterday and hung them on the line, looking at the clear sky I left it out overnight. So, of course, I woke up this morning to the sound of pitter patter rain on the roof. So now I am doing the environmentally unfriendly thing and my soggy washing is now in the dryer.

My three-year-old did a poo in his pants

Yesterday, my little guy was a potty champ and didn’t wet or soil himself All. Day (again, someone call the news!). But today, just as we’re about to leave for kindy (and of course, running late), he tugged at my jeans and pointed to his bottom. He was wearing undies – and it was messy.   

Today I forgot lovie

After wrangling my little loves to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush their teeth and then remembering hats and to apply sunscreen, I drove them to kindy. And then drove straight back home again with them still in the car. Why? I forgot lovie – my little guy’s security blanket that he can’t possibly spend a day at kindy without. He needs it to feel reassured and to also get to sleep. Lovie is like a second me, when I can’t be with him. He NEEDS lovie.

So now I am late

As a result of having to fetch lovie, I am now late for work. I also feel scatty, frazzled and behind the 8 ball. This is actually my usual state of being. Yesterday was me on steroids. The me who I want to high five. I was so clear headed. So on top of everything. But today, I am just the usual me – the me who runs late, forgets lovie and feels like she’s bluffing her way through adulting. 

I have no idea what we are having for dinner

I haven’t had a chance to think about what we might eat for dinner tonight. Whereas yesterday I was on top of it, even putting the mince on the kitchen bench to defrost when I woke. Today I can’t even remember what I have in the fridge or pantry. We will probably have ‘Mr Eggs’  tonight – which is just boiled eggs with smiley faces drawn on the shell, served with toast soldiers. It is my go-to dinner for days like this and needless to say, we often have a meal of Mr Eggs. Unless we are out of eggs, hmm, come to think of it …    

I’ve run out of disinfectant wipes

Yesterday I scrubbed the loo but today my bathroom smells like a little boys’ urinal. Why? Because I’ve run out of disinfectant wipes and my five-year-old has terrible aim. Must.Add.To.Shopping.List.

But it’s all OK!

I’m a mum with a brain that’s working overload. I am not just thinking for myself but my entire family. I have mum brain. I am juggling motherhood, work and running my household, but you know what? I am doing it, even if I do drop a few balls some days (well, most days).

So this is why I think it’s a big news story when I have a #winningatlife day and clear my living room floor of washing baskets, because gawd knows, these days don’t happen often! But when they do! I feel like doing star jumps. And I know every mum who is having one of these days feels like it too.


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