On your marks, get set: The famous ALDI toy sale is (nearly) GO!

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Perhaps Aldi is paying close attention to the success of Kmart’s toy line, because items queued up for their famous toy sale include a whole heap of wooden toys!

Start your Aldi engines

It’s all part of ALDI’s notorious Special Buys roll-out, with a wide selection of toys going on sale on Wednesday 20 June.

Seasoned ALDI shoppers will know that this announcement heralds some very particular behaviours: much waiting outside ALDI stores awaiting their opening, rushing about the shop’s famous middle aisle, unwanted ‘accidental’ bangs in the ankle from other shopper’s trolleys – and perhaps even heartbreak if you miss out on the toys the child you love so desperately wanted.

It’s the extreme sport version of shopping and plenty of people can’t get enough of its adrenaline sparking highs and lows.

Read more about ALDI:

All of the different wooden things

Toys on sale include a mid-century inspired dolls’ house, a combined kitchen and diner playset, a market stall (hello Kmart twin!), wooden transport-themed toys, and a bunch of food-themed toys. And that’s just for starters.

Price points for ALDI’s wooden toy range from $9.99 through to $99.99, and needless to say these toys will almost definitely be hotly contested when Wednesday rolls around. Gulp.

If your little one needs to level up in the role-play stakes, then best take your vitamins, get your comfy shoes/ankle protectors on and head to your nearest ALDI.

And if you miss out? There’s always good old Kmart, where the toys still sell out quite quickly, but are restocked often and tend not to come with a dose of adrenaline and a smash in the shins from a fixated nanna’s trolley.

Scroll through to take a closer look at some of the bits and bobs on offer …

Aldi wooden dolls house

Wooden doll’s house $49.99

Aldi Market Stall toy

Wooden market stand $49.99

wooden fraction cake

Wooden fraction cake $9.99

Aldi wooden diner

Wooden diner and kitchen combo $99.99

Aldi wooden toy boxes

Wooden toy boxes $49.99

Aldi wooden transport toys

Aldi wooden transport-themed toys – $29.99 to $39.99

And even more wooden toys from ALDI …

Aldi wooden toy sale Aldi wooden toy sale Aldi wooden toy sale

View the full range of toys over at ALDI.


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