Craftholic’s cute collection of creatures

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Four cute creatures with a clever little back story make for great childhood friends. If there’s a child in need of a cuddly companion, look no further – especially as they’re now available in Australia and New Zealand!

Based on four characters: Loris, Sloth, Rab and Korat from the planet Craft, this range of Japanese-designed children’s gear has piqued huge international interest. Craftholic was created by Japanese artist Ikuko Yamamoto, and apparently when it was launched in Japan in 2011 it gained a huge following.


The back story goes that Craftholic’s four characters – the monkey, bear, rabbit and cat – can transform into different sizes, colours and shapes. That includes soft toys, body pillows, hoodies, slippers and bags.


The new local site has a big selection of the four soft toy characters, the large versions (which are very large at 40cm x 111cm) are $59.95, the medium $39.95 and the small $29.95.


The blankets are also available for $19.95 and hoodies are$19.95. And it looks like the popularity of Craftholic is continuing with many of the items already out of stock.


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