Collectable Disney Doorables might just be your child’s new favourite thing

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Hot on the heels of the much loved Shopkins (or Polly Pockets if you’re a titch older than a preschooler!) comes Doorables, Disney’s brand new collectable character craze in the making.

All of the teeny cuteness!

These new cute teeny toys from Disney feature sparkly-eyed glittery characters from all your favourite movies – everyone from Moana to Minnie to Peter Pan to Elsa to Alice in Wonderland.

There are 78 characters to collect in Series One – and a bunch of accompanying accessories and playsets Disney lovers can snap up too. 

The range costs from US$4 to US$30 and begins hitting stores in August, according to their creator, Moose Toys.

Disney Doorables

Disney DoorablesDisney Doorables Disney Doorables

“Experience the magic”

“Disney Doorables empowers kids to become storytellers by uniting beloved Disney characters in one land — where surprise and delight awaits behind each door,” VP marketing and strategy of Moose Toys, Corey Roman said. 

“Children will experience the magic and anticipation throughout every touch-point of the brand, which makes it extra special.”

In parent speak that means “these familiar teeny toys encourage kids to celebrate their favourite movies while they play cute kiddo games – and provides a non-pricey opportunity for kids to collect something very, very cute!”


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