8 stylish and clever ways to display your kiddo’s toy car collection

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Those teeny-tiny cars have a sneaky way of getting underfoot, but have we got a fix (or eight!) for you!!

Some genius types know how to a) keep them out of tripping reach and b) make them look like gorgeous works of art!

Here’s the best of the car-display bunch to get your child’s room or playroom looking fab in no time:

1. Feature wall

Describe this to someone, and they will furrow their brow and assume the worst. But SHOW it to them and we’re sure they’ll be an instant convert, because it looks AMAZING!

Magnetic strips are the secret to this storage/artwork’s success. Make sure you snaffle strong magnets that can hold the weight of a car.

DIY toy car mural by The Land Of Nod

Magnetic strips + cars = genius idea! via The Land of Nod

2. Bespoke shelving

These skinny shelves are not only stylish, they’re super practical. Your kiddo can see exactly which cars they have in their garage and you can feel delighted as you survey the cutely sorted scene.

Paint them in neutrals or go louder with wild pops of colour.

Matchbox car storage system by A Lo and Behold Life 

3. Work of art

This is actually a commissioned piece of artwork, but it’s such a cool idea, we had to add it to the list for inspiration.

The shapes and colour coding add structure to this eye-catching piece. It’s also a great way to forever preserve those precious toys when they’re no longer played with.

Shelby Wren Art toy car artwork

Colour blocked car artwork via Shelby Wren Art

4. Bright idea

Simple glass-bottomed lamps become a nostalgic treasure box. We likey!

Keeping the lampshades neutral ensure that this sweet idea is stylish and matches any decor, too. (PLUS you could try this with other small toy collections!)

 Toy car lamp bases

Toy car lamp bases via Young House Love

5. Shadow boxing

Old favourites become objet d’art with a little bit of help from a shadow box.

(We love the way this looks, but think a bright, white box would lighten things up and work well, too!)

matchbox car shadowbox

Shadow box cars : source

6. Simple strips

A more pared-back version of the first idea we showed you.

Simple magnetic strips, mounted on your child’s bedroom or playroom wall mean there’s a place for everything (and sometimes everything will be in its place!)

Magnetic strip car storage
Magnetic strip car storage: Source 

7. Out on a ledge

Skinny lengths of timber make the perfect DIY storage solution for your kiddo’s auto collection. Painted or neutral, the choice is yours!

Skinny shelves for matchbox car storage

Matchbox ledge : source

8. Purpose-built cabinet

If you don’t want to fancy up something yourself, there are clever people on Etsy that will do all the hard work for you.

This truck shelf is sure to delight your favourite toy car collector!

Toy Car 'Truck' Shelf

Truck display cabinet via Icon and Co

No longer do your kid’s cars need to be strewn about the living room or hiding menacingly under the couch.

Get your skates on, get down to your local hardware store (or IKEA!) and magic up a good looking AND practical storage solution both you and your child will love!


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