Cool! New ultrasound technology gives clearest ever view of life in utero

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New developments in ultrasound technology have resulted in this amazing, crystal-clear video of life in utero, at 20 weeks gestation.


Early intervention

The most sophisticated ultrasound ever has been developed by a group of UK researchers. They hope the new technology will help to diagnose and treat congenital conditions earlier, more accurately and uniformly then ever before.

In a clip taken using this new imaging system (and shared by The Telegraph) a growing baby can be seen moving about in-utero, holding onto its umbilical cord and kicking its legs.

The 20 week gestation baby is reportedly the child of an anonymous London mum.

Groundbreaking advance

This new scanning technology – created by iFind – was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The groundbreaking system uses a combination of ultrasound, MRI, robotics and computer algorithms to create a multi-probe scan which cleverly adjusts its clarity as the foetus moves.

This means that not only do we get a more accurate capture of growing babies, we get a much, much clearer image too.

The research team say that they hope to add even more scanning probes to the system, as they develop the technology. This will allow for an even closer, clearer view than that shown in this (already amazingly accurate) clip!

It’s in the detail

With ultrasound technology already a vital monitoring and diagnostic tool, this next-level imaging will provide even better outcomes for mums and bubs.

“Ultrasound technology is actually fairly good. It uses very high frequency sound waves which are reflected back (“echo”) from the structures inside the body to produce an image,” iFind’s Dr David Lloyd explained.

“Importantly, it is also one of the few imaging techniques that is safe to use in pregnancy. In foetal ultrasound, the images produced can be excellent; but unfortunately that’s not true for every patient.”

This new high-clarity ultrasound system is set to change that.



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