You’ve got this! 6 things to say to a new mum to boost her confidence

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Motherhood is one big confidence game, which is why when you’re a new mum drowning in a sea of conflicting advice and self-doubt, it can be hard to get your mum groove on. 

But every mum remembers what those early days were like, which is why we all know the best thing we can do for our new mum sisters is to boost them up and remind them that they’ve got this. Because they really do!

Here are some of the things all new mums need to hear from those of us who have trodden where they are now.

1. You’re doing great!

Sure you feel like a walking zombie and may cry more than your newborn right now, but you are giving him everything he needs. He is fed, growing and thriving – all because of you! Just look at how much he adores you and wants to cling to you like velcro. You are his everything. You are doing a great job, mama, even though you might feel like you are falling apart.

Mum breastfeeding at night

2. No one is a better mum to your baby than you

Not me, not your sister-in-law, your mum, your best friend with four kids or the midwife with over 40 years of baby care experience. Your baby is YOUR baby. He feels your energy, and you feel his. He is a part of you and you are him. Which is why no one, literally no one, can be a better mum to him than you. You know him intimately and he knows that, which is why he only wants you.

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3. Trust your gut, I do! 

You know that inner voice that is talking to you, telling you to give him another feed or to try and get him to sleep, listen to it. It’s your mum intuition and it’s beautiful. thing. You don’t need to read the baby books as much as you might worry that you do. I want you to feel confident to trust your gut when it comes to him. I do! 

new baby and mum 

4. I’m here for you, but I know you can do this 

New mama, I have your back. I will always pick up the phone when you call and answer your questions, but I want you to know that I am your biggest supporter. I want you to believe in you, because I do. I am here for you, but you probably don’t need me as much as you think you do. You’ve got this. Truly!

5. You are a lovely mum

I see you responding to your baby’s needs and showering him in love and I feel like crying happy tears. You are a beautiful mum. I am in awe of the new mummy you. She’s pretty magnificent. I wish I could hold a mirror up so you could see her in action because then you would see what I do.

6. Your baby is so lucky to have you

You may question everything right now but one thing is for sure, that precious bubba of yours struck gold when he was gifted you as his mum. You just adore him, and you’re are a fantastic mum! Your love for him is all powerful and so very selfless. You are giving him every part of you right now, and he’s incredibly lucky he’s yours to love and raise.

So new mama, I want you to know you are totally figuring this all out, even if you worry you aren’t. Please be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back. You’ve got this!


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