Which pram have Meghan and Harry chosen for Baby Sussex?

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A couple of weeks ago we found out which cot the incoming royal baby would snuggle down in. This week some intel on the royal couple’s choice of pram has hit the headlines.

A new set of wheels

Meghan appears to be keen to welcome her new baby in the style that most modern mums would – with the most practical and Pinterest-worthy nursery products.

While Duchess Kate scored the giant family heirloom pram and was photographed with it several times when her babies were very little, Meghan appears to have settled on a pram from popular brand iCandy.

It’s possible that she turned to her buddy Victoria Beckham for advice on which pram is best. The former Spice Girl is a fan of the iCandy Peach (as are a bunch of other famous faces.)

Royal Zara Tindall is an ambassador for iCandy and uses one for her newly christened daughter Lena (whose godfather happens to be Prince Harry) so despite stories saying that Meg is breaking with tradition pram wise, it seems that the tradition was already broken.

The iCandy Peach shifts from single to double pram to accomodate a growing family. As we reported in our Best Prams of 2018 round-up, it boasts super-smooth suspension and is easy to manoeuvre and is a versatile choice for on-the-go families.

The Peach retails from $1200 and parents can customise the frame and fabric to suit.

Of course iCandy has a bunch of other great models and we don’t know exactly which one Meghan and Harry have chosen. Maybe it’s the Raspberry? It could be the Orange, even?


iCandy Peach


Icandy Peach

What we do know is that a rep from iCandy turned up at the couple’s new home – Frogmore Cottage – over the weekend, perhaps dropping off some wheels for the couple to test-drive.

“An onlooker, who spotted the iCandy car said: ‘I don’t have kids but my sister does, so I recognised the logo from their prams. I saw it go into the estate and asked a passerby where we were and what it was, and she told me it was the Frogmore estate,” The Sun reports.

“My sister has an iCandy so really I took the pics for her as I knew she would be amazed to see that Megan and Harry could have the same pram as her. They are clearly considering or already have chosen an iCandy pram. Why else would an iCandy wrapped car be going into the estate?”

Why else indeed?!

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