VTech’s baby monitor connects the nursery to the lounge room or the board room!

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VTech have always been at the forefront when it comes to creating techy things that make life easier for mums and dads. This cutting-edge video baby monitor is the latest brilliant and helpful example.

Keeping babies safe

You may already know that VTech’s clever consumer electronics are designed to streamline your home and your life, and this VTech VM9900 HD Pan and Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access is another string to that bow.

Excitingly, VTech are the Red Nose organisation‘s exclusive baby monitor partner. The company is dedicated to keeping babies safe. They’re promoting and complying with the safe sleep practices Red Nose recommends, and design safer baby monitors that do not attach to the sides of a cot.

VTech’s brilliant new remote-access baby monitor makes keeping an eye on your little one a total breeze. It connects to your phone via a bespoke app, and takes you into your child’s room – no matter where you are.

VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access

From the lounge room to the board room

The monitor operates on WiFi and whether you’re in the lounge room or the board room, it swiftly connects you to your child.

The VTech VM9900 comes with a natty portable Colour Viewer loaded with Touch Screen Technology, meaning you’ve got a home screen for  you – or your babysitter – to view on. You could also think of it as a bonus extra screen, in case your toddler temporarily puts your phone out of action (hello toilet bowl!)

The Colour Viewer is gesture-controlled, and allows you to pan, zoom and tilt the camera with a simple pinch or swipe. You can also control the cameras via the monitor’s app. We told you it was great!

Smart features galore

The monitor has automatic night vision to keep that picture crystal clear after dark. It also allows for motion-activated alerts – and can record footage to either an SD card in the Colour Viewer, your smartphone (via the monitor’s app) or an SD card in the unit’s camera.

Pair the unit with up to 10 cameras via the VTech app, and monitor your kiddo AND the rest of the house, too! Helpfully, this monitor also allows for split-screen viewing, in case you have several rooms you’d like to connect to at once.

The VTech VM9900 features secure, encrypted local and remote video transmissions to ensure you’re the only one monitoring your family and honestly, they’ve thought of everything! It retails for $329, with additional VC990 cameras sold separately at $159 each. Find out more about this must-have monitor at VTech.

This is a sponsored post for VTech.


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