H&M’s new MAMA range is perfect for non-frumpy mamas!

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Not only is H&M’s new range jam-packed with mum-friendly options, there are some more ethical styles in the mix, so you can shop consciously and cutely!

Hey mama!

This new MAMA range by H&M pairs classic shapes with excellent design – and all at a really affordable price. The collection ranges from $17 to $80 AUD and includes heaps of different nursing bras, nursing dresses and tops – and some comfy sweaters that are easy to breastfeed in, too.

You can buy from H&M’s full MAMA US range if you use the ShopMate service to ship to Australia. Or you can choose slightly more limited styles from the Australian H&M store here. (There are seasonal focuses in each store, so the ranges are different!)

The prints and styles steer well away from the frumpy, tent-like disasters of old-school postpartum and nursing wear, with plenty of on-trend youthful looks on offer instead.

Designed specifically to make feeding babies a breeze, these garments are engineered for easy access – and for comfort too. They have sneaky stealth panels on board, which aim to provide a bit more coverage and warmth when your baby gets hungry. No more hiking up your shirt and exposing your kidneys! No more tugging on the neckline of your dress at feeding time.

Granted the H&M models aren’t exactly displaying body diversity, but the range runs from XS through to XL making it semi-inclusive. H&M do have some brilliant plus-size fashion on offer, so we fully expect them to extend the plus-size to maternity too – and hopefully show some different mama body shapes. (Note that one style we found – the MAMA pant – did go up to an 18.)

MAMA Nursing Dress

MAMA Nursing Dress – $46

MAMA 2-pack Nursing Tops

MAMA 2-pack Nursing Tops – $40

MAMA Fine-knit Nursing Sweater

MAMA Fine-knit Nursing Sweater – $53

MAMA Nursing Dress

MAMA Nursing Dress – $80

Mama 2-pack Cotton Nursing Bras

2-pack Cotton Nursing Bras – $33

MAMA Lace Nursing Bra

MAMA Lace Nursing Bra – $26

See the entire range over at H&M.

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