Two children? No problem with our double pram roundup!

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Parents with children close in age or for those expecting twins – are you experiencing double the trouble of finding the perfect pram to tote two children? We’re coming to the rescue – click on through to reveal our compilation of rides especially built for two!


First dual toting cab off the rank is the Stokke Crusi. Luxurious from start to finish in both design and materials, this single pram becomes a double when fitted with the Stokke Crusi Sibling Seat. Toddlers can get in and out by themselves, perfect for developing  a sense of independence once ousted from the main seat. A great solution for tots who want to walk next to the pram, but their tired legs sometimes get the better of them!


Phil&teds Vibe and Verve strollers are front runners for the inline stroller market. An excellent choice for older and younger siblings, these prams transform from a single pram to a double with the simple addition of a phil&teds Double kit. The difference between the Vibe and the Verve? The answer is in the wheels. The Vibe has three air filled tyres and the Verve has two air filled tyres at the rear and two smaller tyres upfront.


The Valco Spark Duo is perfect for twins. Suitable for newborns to toddlers, there’s no additional outlay for carrycots or bassinet attachments thanks to the jewel in the Spark crown, the magnificent Valco Transforma Seat. The Transforma Seat morphs from a bassinet into a baby and toddler seat with ease.


Boasting a lightweight frame (15kg is light for a full size twin pram!), the Love N Care Twingo stroller has two generously sized, padded seats for toting precious cargo in supreme comfort. The Twingo seating configurations can be changed as you see fit from reversible to forward facing and can accommodate a carry cot. All in all, this gem from Love N Care is great value for money.


A popular choice for parents of twins, the Baby Jogger City Select pram ticks a whole whack of boxes. The addition of a Second Seat Kit proves invaluable with the combination offering 16 different seating configurations, including the ability to carry two newborns in carrycots. With that in mind, this ride earns itself full points for versatility.


When faced with a day of running errands, grocery shopping and school runs, this is often the time when parents wish they just had a simple stroller, minus the bells and whistles, minus the extra width, minus the extra weight. There’s stuff to be done without fuss. It’s this day when you might need a Joie Aire Twin stroller. Available now in this awesome unisex red, black and grey chevron print, with ample storage space for shopping and snacks, it’s an excellent choice for busy parents on the go.


The clever cats over at Babylove also have a couple of prams in the tandem toting pool – and I love the Babylove Twin Odyessey stroller – it’s perfectly sized for holidays and travel. Fully reclining seats mean tired toddlers and napping newborns are catered for just nicely and the lockable swivel front wheels make for a smooth ride.


Mountain Buggy never cease to wow us with their incredible innovative prams. The compact Mountain Buggy Duet cleverly carries two children side by side in a pram no wider than a single pram, spreading the seating comfortably over the same width wheel base. So clever – and no wrangling extra wide prams through doorways!


For the parents that like to run, we’ve found you the perfect running companion – the B.O.B Revolution Pro Duallie. One look at this beast and you know there will be no slacking off to tighten your shoelaces, this is one ride built perfectly for speed. And boy, won’t the kids love it!


A fantastic travel system is an option made available to you when using the Steelcraft Agile Twin stroller. Weighing in at only 12 kilograms, this single handed fold stroller is just the ticket for getting around town with two children. The generously sized sun canopies are definitely a winner as is the 20kg weight capacity for each seat.


Bugaboo always gets full marks for stellar pram style and function in our book and we love that they went the extra mile in designing a pram capable of toting two tots with the fabulous Bugaboo Donkey. Be it in Duo or Twin mode, the Donkey remains super sleek, sophisticated and a dream to push – and when one child is ready to walk independently, you can remove the extra seat for a shopping basket for even more storage in Mono mode. Sweet!


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