The new Bugaboo Mammoth bag offers a stylish and smart storage solution

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If you’re heading out with your bub in the pram, you need a lot of gear – nappies, snacks, toys, you name it. Then you also have your wallet, maybe a coffee, some groceries and before long, you’re struggling like a pack donkey with hanging bags ahoy. 

Introducing the Mammoth Bag

If you own a Bugaboo pram, then it’s time to rejoice! They’ve just launched the new Mammoth Bag which offers a stylish and secure way to stow your gear. No more outings full of swinging bags, prams tipping over from the added weight, or your child sitting among tins and toilet rolls. Hooray!

Store, grab and go

The Mammoth Bag is designed to sit neatly at the base of your Bugaboo pram (in the wheeled board position), allowing super easy access any time. The bag is attached via side straps to prevent it falling off or being stolen and the magnetic button on the inside and front storage pockets make it super convenient.

The bag doesn’t interfere with the seat, meaning you can easily adjust the position of your child when you need to. At any point, simply undo the straps, grab and go as the bag can also be used by itself as a stand-alone bag.

Mammoth capacity

Living up to its name, the Mammoth Bag can carry up to a whopping 12kg of extra weight without compromising the stability of the pram. The large main compartment neatly stores anything from bulky groceries to heavy water bottles or beach supplies; so no more messy clutter all over the pram!

Packing some style

The Mammoth Bag is made from durable and insulated materials that match the pram, with the inner lining able to be easily wiped down. It comes in two smart colours – black and grey melange – and is stylish enough to use as a bag by itself, which means you can keep using it even when your child has outgrown their pram. How handy is that?!

Pack your bags!

Get your wallets ready because the Mammoth Bag is available from 1 March for most Bugaboo models. Grab the black bag for $209.95 or grey melange bag for $234.95.

Note: the Mammoth Bag for the Bugaboo Bee will be available May 2018.

bugaboo mammoth bag

(This is a sponsored post for Bugaboo)


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