The amazing BuggyCart makes shopping with kids MUCH easier

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If you have ever tried to juggle pram, kids and shopping without everything threatening to turn up or tip over, you’ll love this genius mum-designed product.

A shopping cart for your pram

The BuggyCart™ is the world-first shopping-cart for your pram. This brilliant product attaches easily to most single prams and when you’re not using it, it folds up neatly and fits under your pram. Genius. 

This is an excellent case of a mum inventing a product she wished already existed, and very often the best things are created this way. It’s had a recent revamp making it even more useful, too!

“It was during the early months after my third baby Lennox was born,” BuggyCart designer Helen Druitt explains. “I found myself with the dilemma of not being able to do enough shopping at my local supermarket with the limited storage space in my stroller.”

While Helen says that the advice other mums gave her was to avoid the shops until she could go without her kids, or get her shopping home delivered, she wanted to find a solution that made doing the shopping with her kids in tow less tricky.

Ticking all the boxes

Luckily Helen has excellent design genes with parents who work in the field. It was part of her DNA to come up with a clever fix and she did just that.

“My design for the BuggyCart had to be one that could replace the existing stroller caddy’s, drink holders, and baby bags hanging off the handlebars of existing strollers,” Helen says on her website.

“It had to be compact so that it could be folded and stored easily in the car or stroller basket. It had to be big enough to fit the bulky items like nappies and toilet paper. It had to universally fit on most pram and stroller designs, and finally, it had to look good!”

BuggyCart BuggyCart BuggyCartBuggyCart

Hit the shops without the germy trolleys

Not only does this excellent invention look good AND mean you don’t have to lug your shopping home while hoping your pram doesn’t tip under the weight of it. It also means your pram can take the place of a regular (germy!) trolley when you’re out picking up your shopping.

Helen says that the BuggyCart can carry 15kg of shopping and has a 150 litre capacity. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning you don’t have to remember to take bags to the shops and can be assembled without any pesky tools. It’s easy to clean making it much more hygienic than a shopping trolley and it retails for $115 which includes delivery. 

Why wouldn’t you snap one up?! (Also? They have Afterpay!)

Brilliant effort, Helen!


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