The 10 best double prams of 2018

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Hot on the heels of the Best Prams of 2018, we’ve rounded up the Best Double Prams of 2018 for families that are levelling up and adding a baby to their brood.

We’ve focused on durability, brilliant design and premium quality to make sure you end up with a set of wheels that can stand the test of time and handle the load of two kids.

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The 10 best double prams of 2018

  1. The iCandy Orange Double Stroller
  2. Phil & Ted’s Voyager Buggy
  3. The Bugaboo Donkey Duo
  4. Bumbleride Indie Twin
  5. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo
  6. Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe
  7. Mountain Buggy Duet
  8. Baby Jogger City Select
  9. Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo
  10. Steelcraft Agile Twin

Brilliant double prams for Australian families

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to snaffling a set of wheels to carry more than one child, scroll on and get the skinny! Here are the best double prams of 2018 (in no particular order!)

icandy orange stroller

1. The iCandy Orange Double Stroller

With bright and brilliant styling, the iCandy Orange comes in a bunch of colours, has a lightweight chassis, adjustable handlebar and a whopping basket. Best of all, this model comes in over 30 unique configurations and combinations to make sure every child travels in comfort – whatever their age or weight.

The iCandy Orange Double Stroller: RRP – from around $2100, depending on set-up.

phil & ted's voyager double pram

2. Phil & Ted’s Voyager

Phil & Ted are institutions in the baby vehicle business, and this specked-up set of wheels is built to safely and comfortably accommodate two kids. Brilliant for twins, siblings or little buddies, this pram folds up easily even with both seats attached. The Voyager allows for stroller style seating or converts to twin bassinets, depending on your needs.

Phil & Ted’s Voyager:  RRP from $999 + $299 for the double kit

Bugaboo Donkey Duo

3. The Bugaboo Donkey Duo

Bugaboo makes prams that everybody loves, and the Donkey Duo is no exception. Built to last your child’s pram-travelling lifespan the Donkey Duo can be used from birth to preschool age. The seats and bassinets offer one-handed release and it can be configured in a number of ways – rear facing, forward facing, side by side – to suit your family. It’s just 14cm wider than Bugaboo’s single prams, making it a good choice for tight spots.

The Bugaboo Donkey Duo: RRP from $2100 upwards

Bumbleride Indie Twin

4. Bumbleride Indie Twin

Bumbleride’s narrow side-by-side design and brilliant suspension gives a smooth one-handed push and an easy one-step fold. It comes with fully adjustable backrests, footrests and handle so you can customise this durable, all-terrain pram work for your family.

Bumbleride Indie Twin: RRP from $1050

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

5. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

This brilliantly engineered and very lightweight side-by-side double is easy to push and manoeuvre into small spaces. It comes with a large showing tray underneath and is easy to fold and carry. 

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo: RRP from $699 to $769 approx

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe

6. Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe

The Steelcraft Strider has an optional second seat that takes it from a single to a pram that can carry two kids from newborn to preschool age. It comes with a bunch of brilliant features including easy fold function, smooth ride and robust suspension. 

“You have the choice of carrying a newborn or toddler in either seat position. Travel System Stroller accommodates the Strider Compact Bassinet, Strider Compact Second Seat & up to two Steelcraft Infants Carriers,” its makers say.

Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe: RRP From $800 approx.

Mountain Buggy Duet

7. Mountain Buggy Duet

The Duet comes in a bunch of stylish prints, is the same width as a single pram, making getting about a total breeze. It features an additional hand operated brake to make slowing down a breeze and boasts a one hand fold to take the pressure off when you’re in and out of the car.

Mountain Buggy Duet: RRP from $899 approx

Baby Jogger City Select

8. Baby Jogger City Select

The brilliant pram comes in over 16 different combinations allowing for two car seats, two bassinets AND a separately sold Glider Board to allow for travel with three kids. It’s easy to push, even with one hand, and features a good sized shopping basket, seats that adjust to suit your child and generous sun canopies, too.

Baby Jogger City Select: RRP $899 approx

Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo

9. Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo

Compatible with the Safe-N-Sound Unity and Maxi Cosi infant carriers, this pram is easy to fold and suitable for newborns through to preschoolers. The seats or carriers can be configured in a bunch of different ways to suit your child, and this double has an extra-large carry basket to boot. No wonder it made it to our Best Double Prams of 2018 list!

Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo: RRP from $799

Steelcraft Agile Twin Pram

10. Steelcraft Agile Twin Pram

This side-by-side double can be used with the Steelcraft Infant Carrier (with adaptor) making this set of wheels perfect for newborn through to preschool age. It’s lightweight, features a super easy fold and brake, excellent manoeuvrability and two toy trays. 

Steelcraft Agile Twin: RRP from $649

Of course, the year is not over yet! Perhaps there are some late entries we need to pop on this list before 2018 is out. Be sure to bookmark us and stay tuned for further updates.


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