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An Australian mum has made our lives a whole lot easier, by bringing this ingenious baby seat to our shores. Developed in the US, we can tell you where to get your hands on this innovative, and above all comfortable, baby seat.

A whole new world opens up to babies once they can sit up unassisted. But as with all childhood milestones, just when this happens varies greatly. And anyone who has had a baby that desperately wants to sit up, but can’t, can attest to the frustration that goes along with it. Hugaboo is a helping hand for babies and parents – giving both the freedom they desire.

The creator of Hugaboo in the US developed the seat for her seven-month-old, who was unable to sit up, and didn’t seem to like the plastic baby seat options already on the market. She set about developing a seat that gave babies support, was comfortable and safe. Thus Hugaboo was born, and piqued the interest of Aussie mum Hayley Haar.

Hayley was looking for a seat for her own daughter, but none of the plastic seats in the baby shops would fit those chubby baby legs through their rigid leg holes. Hayley decided to try a Hugaboo and forked out a small fortune in postage to get one from the US. She knew other Australian mums would be just as keen to snap up a Hugaboo after hearing their stories about struggling to find the right seat, so she founded Hugaboo Australia, and is now the sole local distributor.


Now that we know how this clever baby seat ended up in Australia, here’s a little more detail on what it actually is. The seats are exquisitely soft and plush and there are no hard parts to pinch or rub. Babies are incredibly tactile creatures, and love exploring their surroundings by touch. So their inquisitive little hands adore the feel of the Hugaboo in both the plush Linea Di Moda line and the soft My Baby line.

It’s also an incredibly versatile seat, suitable for babies of all shapes and sizes. Safety has been paramount in developing the Hugaboo, and it provides 360 degrees of support for babies, so they can have short periods of time sitting up. And it’s easily portable – so it means everyone can enjoy the view during a day at the beach or at the park.

Another huge plus is the ease of cleaning – the Hugaboo fabric can be spot cleaned for minor spills or dribbles. Or the whole seat can actually be tossed into the washing machine, and it comes out looking like new.

While comfort and safety are at the forefront of Hugaboo’s design, they do also look fabulous! From the lovely, muted colours of Snuggle Buns, which costs $74, to the plush animal prints of Snow Leopard and Giraffe, which retail for $79 each, plus postage. They can be purchased directly from Hugaboo Australia.


(This is a sponsored post for Hugaboo Australia)



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