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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did it. But they weren’t the first. Unisex names have been popular for decades and more and more celebrities are getting on the gender-bending bandwagon by choosing traditional ‘boy names’ for their little girls. Here are some of the celebrity gender-bending baby names that we are absolutely loving for either a boy or girl.

The top contestants

James – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds finally revealed they named their little girl, James. This was one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets but the truth is out. And we love it. Of course, this isn’t the first little girl named James. Jaime King started her modelling career as James King. However, James is certainly still considered a mostly masculine name. In fact, it hit the charts for Australian baby boy names in 2014 at #6.

Mason – Kelsey Grammer is a father to six and selected Mason as a name for his daughter. In 2014, Mason ranked as Australia’s #13 most popular baby boy name.

Maxwell – Jessica Simpson was never shy about showcasing her first pregnancy. And when baby girl Maxwell Drew arrived in 2012, she was happy to explain that their selected moniker was based on traditional family names. Max sits at the #19 spot on the top baby boy list for 2014.

Lincoln – Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell announced their little gal’s arrival in 2013 and little Lincoln Bell Shepard is another celebrity baby to rock the masculine name. Lincoln came in at the #50 spot for most popular baby boy names in 2014.

Dylan – Country singer Joe Nichols and wife Heather gave their daughter the name Dylan in 2012 and the popularity of the name Dylan for both boys and girls continues to rise. Many celebrities choose Dylan as a middle name, such as Alyssa Milano’s baby Elizabella Dylan. However, Dylan still reigns supreme as a traditional boy’s name at #56 on the top 100 list.

Hunter – Hunter makes the charts for baby boy names at #26 but this didn’t stop Mad Men actor Kevin Rahm from choosing Hunter for his daughter last year.

Gender bender rising stars

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Wyatt – Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed their first child, Wyatt Isabelle, last year. The pair says the name Wyatt was just something that came to them at a Laker’s game.

Spencer – Kelsey Grammer is the master of masculine names for his little girls. Mason’s older sister is named Spencer, one also usually reserved for the boys.

Sawyer – Sara Gilbert and her former partner, Allison Adler, selected this for their daughter back in 2007. Sawyer was popular from the TV show Lost, but normally for boys.

Lou  Model Heidi Klum and Seal were all about gender bending when they named their younger daughter Lou.

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Anything but traditional

Casper – Jason Lee is famous for unusual baby names, especially with his son, Pilot Inspektor. Jason Lee remarried, but his love for wacky baby names remains. He and new wife Ceren Alkac chose the name Casper Alice for their daughter.

Grey – Back in 2012 the baby name Grey wasn’t too common for either gender but now, Grey is commonly seen as a short form for rising baby boy name Greyson. But this didn’t stop actress Jenna von Oÿ from naming her little one this.

Easton – Here’s another uncommon one for either gender, though it is seen as more of a boy’s name than a girl’s. Law & Order’s Elisabeth Rohm broke the baby gender barriers by naming her daughter Easton August – two traditionally masculine names.

Fox – Then there’s Fox, the name that Brit singer Mark Owen and actress Emma Ferguson selected for their third child, a little girl. While Fox remains a little out there for both genders, it is commonly seen more on boys than girls.

Jagger – Jagger has ‘rock star’ written all over it but it is usually reserved for little Micks rather than Michelle’s. Not anymore! Soleil Moon Frye, another lover of wacky baby names, named her little girl Jagger Joseph Blue. Jagger joins siblings Poet and Lyric.

The celebrities that started it all

Of course, it’s not just the new generation that bends the rules when it comes to creative monikers. Famous actresses have graced the spotlight with gender-bending names for years. Some of our favourite A-list woman with masculine names include:

Cameron (Diaz)

Drew ( Barrymore)

Reese (Witherspoon)

Blake (Lively)

These are only some of the countless unisex baby names that are appearing on both the pink and blue charts. We also love gender-bending names such as Riley, Jayden, Elliot, Darcy, Jude, Alex, Bryce, Jesse and Ryan. What are your favourite gender-bending baby names?


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