Rock your little one to sleep in this gorgeous boat-shaped cradle

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If you’re an imaginative sort of parent, then perhaps the usual sorts of cots and cradles are a little bit too straight-laced for your bub? A bit square? A bit pastel? A bit too … conventional?

A boat for a baby

Luckily some very clever designers have you covered and have hatched a much better baby bed idea. The good folk at Kaylula have come up with this lovely Yoyo Cradle and it’s not only beautiful to look at, it helpfully and gently rocks little ones off to sleep.

Destined to become an heirloom for the families that splash out on it, this cradle comes with a bunch of practical features to complement its delightful good looks.

Firstly, the cradle features an adjustable tension control mechanism which allows you to customise the movement to suit your baby’s preference.

It also comes with a super-comfy deluxe mattress sturdy base and bespoke linen including a fitted and flat sheet and a sleeping bag quilt, all built to fit the Yoyo’s unique shape.

Safety pads line the side of this sweet baby bed, and they’re all removable and washable, of course.

Kaylula Yoyo Cradle

Sail off to sleep

This Yoyo cradle is made thoughtfully from sustainable European beech wood and bentwood. It’s crafted to be super strong and has a sturdy weighted base to ensure it’s stable as it rocks too.

This piece will look brilliant in your little one’s nursery and they’ll (hopefully!) sail safely off to the Land of Nod when they’re cosily tucked up inside it. That’s the plan, anyway!

This cradle retails for approximately $1,000 and is available from a number of Australian nursery stores including Luvbaby.

What a beauty she is … You almost want to cut a ribbon and crack a bottle of bubbles over her bow, don’t you? Bon voyage!

Kaylula Yoyo Cradle


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