Nine bizarre parenting products (that are actually all kinds of genius)

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In the days before parenthood, most baby products seemed foreign to me. On the odd occasion that I ventured into a store’s baby section, it would be to buy hilarious sounding items like breast pads and nipples shields as baby shower gifts – never knowing that one day, they would be my best friends. 

Then there are the things that four years and two kids later still seem bizarre. You know the ones I’m talking about; those parenting inventions that are either strangely specific or oddly inventive. They can seem totally crazy, but sometimes you quietly wish you’d thought of them yourself.

Here are nine of them that you should have a look at:

The Babykeeper

(Image via MommyEssentials)

Out of context this product looks like a slightly cruel Jolly Jumper – and let me be clear, I don’t advocate hanging your child up. But for those moments in public restrooms when you really don’t want to put your child on the floor? This might actually be a better option.

Baby Hip Hugger baby-hip-hugger

(Image via Amazon)

On the upside, this gives you a legitimate reason to wear a bum bag (am I the only one who secretly wants to?) On the downside, I’m not sure my hips need the extra widening. Although, I do think carrying your child like this would be easier on your back.

Pully Palzpully-palz

(Image via Pully Palz)

Pully Palz hold two dummies and can be attached to carriers, bouncers, etc. If your baby drops one they can reach for the other, which pulls the one they dropped up again. I kind of wish I had one above my bed for storing chocolates.

Pee- Pee Teepee

pee-pee-teepee(Image via Beba Bean)

They could just be sweet little beanies for dolls, right? Except they’re not. They’re basically mini tents you can use to cover boys during nappy changes. At first they might seem unnecessary – then your face becomes the victim of airborne wee, and you wish you’d had a teepee.

The Milksaver

(Image via Nursing Angel)

For the first few weeks of breastfeeding I went through piles of breast pads, which is basically like throwing out liquid gold. These milk savers have got your back (or breast, as the case may be). They can be worn on the side you’re not feeding/expressing from to catch any excess.

Baby Knee Pads


(Image via Snazzy Baby)

Even though babies’ knees are better designed for crawling than ours, they still encounter rough surfaces. Plus, these knee pads might come in handy if your baby wants to take up skateboarding.

Squeeky Knees


(Image via Squeeky Knees)

If knee pads aren’t quite loud enough for you, these pants will ensure you can always hear your baby coming. The knees squeak as your baby crawls. Depending on your child, I think these would either be lots of fun or absolutely terrifying.

Roller Buggy


(Image via ValentinVodev)

One of the things I lament most about walking with the kids is that I’m above the weight limit for my son’s scooter. Enter Roller Buggy – definitely not as safe as walking, but man I’d look cool riding it.

Tap Extender


(Image via BabySmiles)

My son has a perpetually wet shirt from where I’ve held him up wash his hands, so this tap extender falls in the genius category for me.

Whether these bizarre products are genius or slightly crazy – one thing we can say for sure is that they’re certainly creative.


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