Kaz Cooke’s “Up the Duff” is turning 20 and still going strong

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Kaz Cooke’s much-loved book Up the Duff: The real guide to pregnancy, hit the shelves in 1999 and has delighted pregnant women ever since.

The book is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with an all-new updated version, but still with the same practical approach and hilarious down-to-earth style.

The go-to pregnancy book

There is a range of pregnancy books on my bookshelf, but Up the Duff was definitely the one I always turned to. It was full of the all-important pregnancy information, it was easy to read and it made me giggle. You can’t say that about too many pregnancy books.

As a best-selling author, cartoonist and mum, Kaz knows how to engage her audience by partnering up week-by-week information and development with appealing cartoons and the diary of fictional Hermione, the Modern Girl.

In her introduction, Kaz explains why she wrote the book in the first place.

“The last thing you need when you’re pregnant is a bossy boots insisting you ‘should’ feel this and ‘must’ do that,” she writes. “Who wants to have, or be a guru? Not me.”

The book is in no way bossy or guru-like, which is why it’s so popular. It simply provides trusted and reliable information and doesn’t hold back when it comes to all the icky, funny and scary bits of pregnancy. Not to mention all your private bits. It’s not hard to see why it quickly became the go-to pregnancy guide of Australia and New Zealand. And still is today.

New and improved

While having a baby doesn’t really change, all the information around it can vary drastically from year to year. Up the Duff has always been reprinted every year and the information always updated, something that will continue to happen.

However, after 20 years, it needed a “big overhaul”. Kaz explains to her readers, “Medical tests and advice on what to eat have changed a lot, as have advice on sleeping positions for both pregnant women and babies.”

The book has now been fully revised and updated.

“I’ve updated a great deal of information in the book and consulted many more experts, including midwives, doctors and pregnant women,” says Kaz in her introduction.

Fortunately, the distinct Kaz Cooke style is exactly the same, also a major contributing factor to its stand-out success. Crucial, accurate pregnancy information that is fun to read. All the important issues such as crying, eating, weeing, sleeping, bosoms, busybodies and bunny-rugs – and everything in between and beyond.

So if you suddenly find yourself up the duff, or even thinking about it, then this is the first book to buy. The only book. But if you’re anything like me, you will want to buy every book on the market – but from my experience, there’s no need. Up the Duff is all you’ll want and you won’t put it down until you’re ready for the next adventure, Babies and Toddlers: the sequel to Up the Duff

Up the Duff: The real guide to pregnancy will see you through your pregnancy. It will keep you calm, reassured and informed. And best of all, it will make you laugh.


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