The secret pregnancy advice all mums-to-be should know

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Pregnancy isn’t always by the book. So here’s the advice you need that you won’t find in books – the advice that will hopefully help you, especially on those really bad days.

Eat whatever you can stomach (even if it’s not the healthiest choice)

If you’re struggling through morning sickness, finding foods you are able to actually stomach can be hard. I can’t remember the number of times I sat at the dinner table crying into my healthy dinner that smelled like death, thinking I was the worst mum-to-be in the world because I just couldn’t stomach anything but crackers and chocolate.

Your food will taste good again and you will be able to eat an entire meal without it ending up in the toilet. But, for now, just eat what you can and don’t stress about the ‘nutrient’ side of things. There will be plenty of time to shove copious amounts of broccoli into your mouth.

Your baby’s name is not set in stone

You’re allowed to change your mind eight trillion times on this one, if you want. And it’s perfectly okay to ignore suggestions you hate.

Upset woman crying with hands covering face

You’re not going crazy – it’s the hormones

Feel like you cannot control your emotions? It’s not your fault. And it’s not your partner’s fault. And it’s not the checkout chick’s fault. Blame the hormones.

Never watch commercials involving kittens, puppies or any other animal

You will end up going through an entire box of tissues and probably wanting to adopt the entire RSPCA. This also goes for those tear-inducing nappy ads.

It’s perfectly okay to accept help

From friends. From family members. From doctors and chemists.

You can simply ignore advice from weirdos who think they know what’s best

Just take all advice in your stride. Use the advice that works for you and filter out the rest.

Don’t go into a baby shop just to ‘browse’

You’ll end up coming home with half the store. A list, always a list!

Dress in what feels comfortable – trackies are extra acceptable

No matter what trimester you’re in. You’re pregnant. Bring on the tracky-daks.

Pregnant couple

Try to cut your partner some slack – he’s not the enemy

Even if he’s the one who put you in this state. He’s navigating the same confusing road as you, and while you’re the one who can no longer see her feet, all he wants is to help you. So let him put on your shoes. Let him paint your toenails. It’s not a competition about who has it harder (you clearly win!). Be a team instead.

Most importantly, try not to stress

Pregnancy can be a bumpy road. Every niggle can cause worry. Every spot of blood can bring on anxiety. And every night without movement can lead to a panic attack. It’s so important to believe in yourself and your body’s ability to do this. Much more often than not, everything is fine and you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. Call your doctor if you’re really worried – if nothing else, it will ease your mind.

So try to relax, enjoy the good with the bad. And keep a box of tissues by the television, just in case one of those RSPCA commercials comes on unexpectedly …


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