9 things your child can make the grandparents for Christmas

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While it’s all good and well to take a trip down to the mall and buy something clever or extravagant for the beloved Nan and Pop, sometimes a handmade gift hits them right in the feels. This is especially so when it’s made by the little hands of a beloved preschool child.

Luckily you’ve got friends like us, who not only know the exact kind of crafty things grandparents admire most, we know where to find them too! Here are nine of our very favourite kid-made things. We are sure there’s something perfect for the Nanna and Gramps in your life!

Pom Pom caterpillars

1. Pompom caterpillars

Oh my gosh. Not only are these super-simple to make, with $2 shop craft supplies, they are insanely cute! Use to clip papers together or glue a magnet onto the underside for word’s most adorable fridge magnet!

Get the how-to at Think Crafts

Jellyfish Suncatchers

2. Jellyfish suncatcher

A little bit of help from mum or dad and your child will be the proud parent-slash-creator of a delightful, light-catching jellyfish pal.

Get the how-to at I Heart Arts And Crafts

Painted leaf mobile

3. Painted leaf mobile

Some leisurely scavenging on your afternoon walk sparks the prettiest of painted mobiles, just perfect for little crafters. If it’s a bit hard to wrap the yarn around the stick, leave it au natural or paint it in pretty colours too.

Get the how-to at ArtBar

Plant head gift

4. Plant heads

Transform a plastic bottle into a growing friend with this cute how-to. A few things from the recycling bin, some potting mix and seeds are all you need. (Remember that masks and gloves are best practice when using potting mix.)

Get the tutorial is at Nunca Mas Abbarido

Paper plate aquarium

5. Paper plate fishbowl

This super-simple and super-charming craft will take pride of place on any discerning grandparent’s kitchen wall!

Get the how-to is at Daisy Cottage Designs

rainbow cloud mobile

6. Rainbow cloud mobile

Let’s face it, this is 100 per cent adorable. If you can’t quite stretch yourself to colour all the pasta ‘beads’, you could make them all blue to simulate raindrops and go for a less colourful display.

Get the how-to is at B-inspired Mama

Pipe cleaner snakes

7. Pipe cleaner snakes

These simple and gorgeous snakes are the non-scary variety and heaps of fun for little fingers to make!

Get the how-to at Kid’s Activities Blog

kids' clay pendants

8. Clay pendants

These are fun to make and on-trend too! Make a whole bunch and delight all the rellies at Christmas.

Get the how-to at Craft Whack

pot with succulent

9. Mini polymer clay pots

DIY a cute little pot and pop a succulent inside! These are adorable and stylish, guaranteed to make any Nan or Pop super-happy.

Get the DIY at Say Yes

Bust out the Useful Box and get crafty with your kids, guys! Merry Christmas-making!


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