Found it! The baby carrier Chrissy Teigen uses for newborn Miles

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If you caught our feel-filled post about Chrissy Tegien’s transition from mum-of-one to mum-of-two last week, you probably spied a very nifty baby carrier in her Instagram snap.

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guess we’re really doing this kid thing!

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“Super soft and comfy”

Lots of other mums were keen to find out more about the snuggly pouch tiny Miles was tucked into, and the good news is that Chrissy spilled the beans.

If you got distracted after the thought “what baby carrier is that” or simply didn’t have time to go through the one zillion comments waxing lyrical about how beautiful the newborn baby bubble is, do not despair. (Although, honestly, we recommend you do go through them, because for once they were really nice!) We’ve got the skinny on the sling in question to save you the trouble.

MOBY Fit Hybrid Carrier

Made by MOBY

The carrier is by MOBY and Chrissy says it’s “super soft and comfy” and “doesn’t get loose”. It’s the Moby Fit Hybrid Carrier, a 100 percent cotton, one-size-fits-all carrier that is just perfect for newborns and babies up to 13.5kg. It retails for a tick over $70.

The official Moby site has the full range, but only ships to US addresses. That said, if you buy from them you can use Australia Post’s ShopMate service. They provide you with a US address and then forward the parcel on to you in Australia. Too easy.

Locally, Baby Carriers Australia has a limited range of this popular product – but it looks like they sell out as quickly as they restock!

Wherever you buy this cute carrier on, do it in the knowledge that you will have your hands free, a snuggly baby AND something in common with Chrissy T.

MOBY Fit Hybrid Carrier

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