Father’s Day gift sorted! Get him a ‘Dadsie’ overall baby carrier!

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Stop scrolling through Father’s Day gift guides. We’ve just found the ultimate present for dads with a bub.

Say hello to the ‘Dadsie’ – a pair of overalls that double as a baby carrier.

Cute, right? And just bloody brilliant.

Also, how much would your baby LOVE riding in them?!

Baby overalls for HIM

The Dadsie is the female version of the Mumsie – comfy dungarees that can cart your bub or toddler around. I wrote about the Mumsie over a year ago and at the time, some readers wondered where the dad version was.

Well, here it is!

Look, no hands!

The Dadsie is the answer to all those times when your little one just wants to be carried but dad’s arms are tired.

It is also the answer when you’ve sent him and your tot on a coffee mission sans-pram – and he needs two hands. Simply loosen and unclip the shoulder straps of his Dadsie, and he has a baby carrier on the go.

See? Useful.

The Dadsie also positions bub’s head at just the right height for a kiss. Awww.

The Dadsie

Dads rocking overalls

Maybe your man isn’t the overall-wearing type, but we reckon the Dadsie could change this. I mean, overalls are comfy and now with baby carrying capabilities, these ones are also super practical.

As Noosa-based founder and mother of two, Janneke Williamson, says, “There aren’t as many dedicated babywearing options for men as there are for women so I’m really excited about launching the new Dadsie.”

“Now Dads can keep their precious bubs close to their chest – and look cool at the same time.”

The Dadsie

More about The Dadsie:

The denim the Dadsie is made out of has a touch of stretch for added comfort – yess.

The clips have also been weight tested to hold up to 70kg.

Oh, and for anyone worried if they are up to safety standards, rest assured the overalls have been independently tested by Intertek to meet stringent international safety standards for baby and toddler wearing.

The Dadsie is available in sizes 28 – 40 and there are all sorts of deals over at the Dadsie Kickstarter page, including a his and her overalls package!

We hope to be seeing lots of dads and their babies rocking Dadsies in playgrounds and cafes soon.


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