Meet ‘The Mumsie’ – CUTE overalls that double as a baby carrier!

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Every so often a mumpreneur – AKA a lady with a baby and a genius business idea – invents something we didn’t know we needed.

Well, that latest product is called The Mumsie (cute name, hey?!) and they are basically a pair of comfy overalls that ALSO happen to carry your bub.

See? Brilliant!

Overalls are the new black

Any woman who has ever donned a pair of overalls knows they are the comfiest item of clothing to ever exist, ever. Well now with the baby-carrying functionality of The Mumsie, these overalls are made just for mums with bubs.

And we suspect they will soon be spotted in playgrounds and supermarkets everywhere by women carting babies because they are so darn cute but also practical! 

Mumsies for every mum!

The handy overalls come in six different styles, including the classic pants overalls, a skinny leg version, one with side pockets and some very funky skirt versions. 

The Skinny Fit Mumsie

No fiddling with a baby carrier

The sturdy and comfy overalls feature strong buckles that can carry the weight of your baby and can either be worn sans baby or can accommodate your little one by lengthening the straps. 

“As soon as your bub needs some love you can pick them up, pop them in, and you’re good to go,” says The Mumsie website.

The Classic Mumsie

Breastfeeding friendly

What’s more, The Mumsie is made for breastfeeding.

To give your baby a feed when wearing them, simply loosen the straps and wiggle your bub down into position.

Oh, and the handy pocket is perfect for holding a dummy, a credit card, some cash, a bottle or burp cloth.

The overalls also feature removable shoulder pads for added comfort and a jersey sling to keep your bub extra snug when you convert The Mumsie into the baby carrier. 

Meet the mum behind the Mumsie

Janneke Williamson is the mum behind these cute baby-wearing overalls and tells Babyology:

“I had the idea one day when I was at kindy drop off with my four-year-old son and my four-month-old baby girl and I was wearing a cool pair of vintage overalls. That light bulb has now developed into this new range of mama threads to help mums with an extra set of hands when they need it. Great for supermarkets, kindy drop offs, breastfeeding in public, jet-setting and even wearing around the house … like all day every day! I live in mine!!”

The Everyday Mumsie

The Mumsie baby-carrying overalls are available online at The Mumsie and retail between $148 and $165. 


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