“You need to watch her!” Hilary Duff’s 7-year-old worried about his baby sister

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Younger star Hilary Duff and her fiancé Matthew Koma are parents to a toddler daughter named Banks, and it’s just been revealed that the one-year-old has a very protective big brother watching over her.

“I swear I’m a good mom”

Hilary’s seven-year-old son Luca (from her previous relationship with Mike Comrie) is taking his older sibling duties very seriously, to the point where he’s lecturing his mum about her parenting skills – and making her second guess herself. Sort of.

Hilary says Luca can’t bear it when Banks takes a spill or is in any danger. In fact, baby Banks’ risk-taking is freaking him out. A lot.

“He doesn’t want her to ever fall off the couch … sometimes I’m like, ‘I swear I’m a good mom,’” Hilary told People magazine yesterday. “He’s like, ‘Well, you need to watch her!’” 

Observing the trials and tribulations of being a baby, which means learning to master all kinds of new skills has been a steep learning curve for poor Luca, Hilary says.

In fact, it’s clear that he’s often on the edge of his seat with worry. Big brother life is a LOT.

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2nd grade “glamping” trip was cool….I saw my son just long enough to snap this pic. 😭☺️🙄

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“I swear she’s going to be okay”

Hilary told People that she’s constantly reassuring her anxious son. Letting him know that this is all par for the course in the life of a toddler.

“I’m like, ‘She’s gonna fall down. She’s got to learn not to go near that’ or whatever. I sat him down once and said, ‘Hey, you survived and I was your mom, so I swear she’s going to be okay.’”

“He’s the sweetest kid,” she continued. “He’s getting very thoughtful … if someone gets hurt, he’s like, ‘Oh no, are you okay?’ And that’s a learned thing for kids. It’s not just naturally in them. So it’s really cool to watch him become very aware and conscious and kind.”


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