This gender reveal involving a hippo and a watermelon is BONKERS!

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Another day, another cray, cray gender reveal.

But this one takes the cake, or should that be a jelly-filled watermelon?

The worst gender reveal?

The video of a hippopotamus crunching down on a watermelon filled with coloured jelly as a gender reveal has confused the internet.

When blue jelly is squished out of the enormous creature’s mouth upon puncturing the melon, the dad-to-be Jonathan Joseph exclaims: “YES! YES! Thank god!”

But it’s his reaction, along with questions surrounding animal cruelty that has ruffled a few feathers.

Is the hippo OKAY?

Shared by filmmaker Ana Bretón, with the caption, “I did it. I found the worst gender reveal,” the post has ignited comments.

“When he said ‘thank god’ I was even more disgusted. Throw the whole couple away, also is the hippo okay?” asked one.

“That person’s baby is not remotely important enough to feed a hippo 10 pounds of food colouring,” quipped another.

“Let’s pump another animal full of man-made dyes to prove my virility. Yes, very logical and necessary” seethed someone else.

But as usual, things are not what they seem online.

We had permission!

Seeing the backlash to her gender reveal video, the mum-to-be reached out to Ana to explain that the couple indeed had the blessing of zookeepers, who assisted with the gender reveal.

Also, that the hippo, Tank, was given the watermelon filled with organic jello, as a treat as part of his approved diet.

After reading her explanation, which gives some context to her partner’s reaction, we also learn that the couple have undergone fertility treatment to conceive their much-yearned-for second bub.

As much as they would have been happy to have another daughter, this mum and dad felt they probably would have kept trying for a boy. So the “thank god” comment possibly was more relief at having avoided the expense of future treatment, rather than them not wanting a girl.

So we can all relax and just have a giggle at this crazy gender reveal.

The hippo is fine!


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