Princess Charlotte is Prince William’s twin in cute side-by-side photos

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If you love tracing family history and have a soft spot for the royals, you’re going to love this cute doppelgänger story.

Twinning with daddy

The royal family released three new photos of Princess Charlotte to mark her birthday last week, and while lots of us were marvelling at just how quickly she’s growing up, others were noticing some very familiar features.

A new side-by-side comparison of Charlotte and her daddy – second-in-line to the throne Prince William – has monarchists and royal fans declaring “same-freaking-same!”

The photos show preschooler Charlotte just before her fourth birthday and Prince William at the same age. William’s pictured in a parachute regiment uniform the photo captured on July 18, 1986.

To this writer’s eye they do look very, very similar which is a nice connection for them to have. Of course William looks a lot like his mum, Princess Diana, so many suggest that as Charlotte grows up we’ll see even more echoes of the beloved late princess.

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Mini William

People on Instagram were quick to comment on this side-by-side comparison, agreeing that Charlotte is a mini-Will.

“Really a little William,” one fan posted. “Maybe in the future she’ll get her grandmother Diana’s beautiful face. They really look alike.”

“Definitely her father’s face!” another royal follower wrote.

“Yes she takes after little William,” someone else asserted, “and I believe George and Louis take after mom.”

But for some, the constant comparisons are proving tiring and it seems like a better idea to celebrate the four-year-old princesses’ individuality.

“She looks like Princess Charlotte!! Just like Princess Charlotte!” one cross Lottie fan wrote.

There’s been other cross words around Charlotte’s birthday photos too.

How dare you?!

When Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry left a very sweet message on one of  Charlotte’s Instagram birthday photos, people were angry about the tone and protocol flouting, feeling that she should be addressed using her royal title.

“Happy Birthday Charlotte! ??Lots of love, H and M xo” the message from Meg and Harry read.

Sussex Royal Instagram

“It’s PRINCESS Charlotte, NOT JUST Charlotte!” one commenter shot back.

“That’s PRINCESS Charlotte to you”, another wrote.

There are literally hundreds of comments scolding the Sussex account – and particularly Meghan – for the relaxed tone of the sweet birthday message to Charlotte proving that some people are terrible – and that the new push for more civilised discourse on the royal accounts might not be working. Sigh.

Party on, Lottie!

Luckily Charlotte is oblivious to this nonsense. She’s been busy celebrating and enjoying her fourth birthday party.

Prince William spoke to former Children’s Laureate and The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson during a Buckingham Palace ceremony, where she was awarded a CBE.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Mrs Donaldson chatted with William about Charlotte’s party and royal family favourite book … The Gruffalo!

“He said it’s his daughter’s birthday today and he loves the book. He reads my stories to his children, and he said he was going to have quite a rowdy party – he’s got a lot of children (coming),” Julia said.

Sounds utterly brilliant to us!


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