Photos reveal Princess Charlotte is looking more and more like Princess Diana

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A new batch of side-by-side photos comparing Princess Charlotte to some childhood photos of Princess Diana have emerged, and the debate about royal lookalikes has fired up again.

Charlotte is Diana’s tiny twin?

The set of images comparing the young Princess Diana to shots of granddaughter Princess Charlotte popped up on Instagram earlier this week with thanks to the (unofficial) British Royal Family fan account.

“Princess Diana & Princess Charlotte,” the account holder captioned the shots which showed the pair sporting the same sort of mannerisms and similar features.

People quickly began commenting on the series with their own opinions of the “twinning” Charlotte and Diana.

“To me she looks like the Queen Mother,” one follower wrote. “If yo look at her from the time she was little she looks like her. The Queen Mother was beautiful while growing up. Compare their pictures.”

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Princess Diana & Princess Charlotte ??

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Charlotte is the Queen’s tiny twin?

“Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth,” another person asserted, while others still said she does NOT resemble the reigning monarch in any way.

“All these people that think Charlotte looks like the Queen probably need your eyes checked,” someone wrote.

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“Her smile and nose are like Diana’s. And yes she has a little bit of all them,” a commenter suggested. “And so does George.”

But someone else refuted this claim too.

“She might get the gesture but will not look like her. Diana’s eyes and nose are very different to her,” someone countered.

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Charlotte is Kate’s tiny twin?!

Some people spotted a mother-daughter resemblance.

“Charlotte looks a lot like Kate … Same cheek bones and brow … Same bone structure.”

And for others still the similarities between Charlotte and her granny ran more than skin deep.

“Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte – beautiful souls on the inside and out.”

For one royal watcher, the origins of the inherited features of all of Kate and William’s children were crystal clear.

“Charlotte is a Windsor not a Spencer (has the Queen mother’s blue eyes, princess Margaret had them too) … George looks more like a Spencer (all that thick blonde hair) and little Louis is a Middleton (dark eyes and open face),” one person declared.

To us it’s very clear that Charlotte is simply … Charlotte! She looks similar to and different to lots of her relatives, and will grow up to look exactly like … herself!


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